A little about Rozzie

Hi there, thank you for visiting ………………..

When you amble through “an Elephant in my Suitcase ” you will probably get the impression that all I have ever done is travel

Like many people, travel, vacations, weekends away and  days out have been fitted inbetween –

School,    Emigrating,   Studies,   feeling lonely, 

Working,   hating my Job,   moving Towns/Cities,  Death & Loss 

Marriage,   getting Pets,   Divorce,   Depression,   Moving,   Crying,   being poor,  

Marriage,   Moving again,   New Jobs,  falling in Love 

The inception of my blog came about due to  sleepless nights –

 ….  as my mind played its videos of amazing places and spaces,  wierd experiences, funny people, terrifying moments   

The photos do not do justice to any experience but at least there are recorded memories to share  

My cameras have been basic – remember the cameras with spools of 24 or 32 photos to be developed at the shop? Yup …. from age 2 – 40!

What I carry  now is a small instamatic and my mobile phone. 

Both fit snugly into our lifestyle of minimalistic luggage and handbag, so the best must be made of what they can record

My Parents & Sister liked to find different and interesting things to do in Zimbabwe (the beautiful land of my birth), South Africa & Mozambique 

This taste continued when I was single and backpacked / hiked with social organisations within South Africa (the new country which adopted me) – discovering in a simplistic affordable  way on foot

From my first marriage to the love of my life now I have discovered other continents and cultures 

You might ask – what do I like the most?

Which Countries, Islands, travel Style, Accommodation, Nature or City      –     Oh gosh  –  ALL! lol

So, come along and join in on my Story………………….

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