Fireflies  & Roars Afar

The seasons are a-changin again! New life – enriched activities – fresh dreams….

I’m going to tell you about balmy Amarula nights & glow worm trees……

In this beautiful wild place, Winter has given way to Summer, Spring was brief with telltale bees arriving to nibble at the new buds pouring out the ends of branches, and the first rains have fallen.

Refreshing the parched earth, washing down every living creation – encouraging new growth and turning cracked dry water holes & pans into silver shimmering oases. The tall trees have adorned wedding veils of green flowing over their branches and figures.

Bridesmaids wait below in colour coordinated dresses of darker and lighter shades of chartreuse, sage, fern, moss & olive.


The dance floor is humbly waiting below the scenes to be called upon to spring forth their carpet for the relatives, family and friends who are hiding camouflaged in the broken, crushed and sparse grasses dressed in dull yellows and browns.

Storms in Africa
Stormy day in Africa

In the darkest hours – lightening & thunder clamber over the horizons and break through swirling clouds, flashing, striking and booming their way over the hills and planes. They practice creating magical shapes and sounds for the bridal parties to sway and dance to during the summer evenings ahead.

Invitations ripple across the heatwaves Africa style, to the bridal parties and the gatherings begin to migrate to happier places and spaces preparing to celebrate promise, change, new life and birth of another generation.

Clans , herds, flocks & shoals ….. trot, fly, swim and amble to remeet old loves, igniting flames of hope and joy. Buck grunt & frolic with one another, racing across roads & through bushes. Zebra bray, bark & snort their speeches as they hop & jump happily.

A tower of Giraffe receive their first Wedding invitations and begin journeying over forgotten terrain to the reception, joining herds Wildebeest, Kudu & dazzling Zebra to witnesses to the event of Kudu Mr & Mrs saying their “I DO’s” from an uncontested vantage point. They are ever watchful of impending danger approaching from afar to gatecrash the events.

Buffalo surround the area mooing the wedding march whilst ruminating over the beauty of their fellow compatriots in the refreshed neighbourhoods.

Everyone everywhere is washed and sparkling in their fluffy coats, bright and also reserved feather wear and shimmering scales. Many are brave – wearing outrageous outfits of spots whilst some choose bolder stripes, others sport a kaleidescope of funny face makeup bordering on the ridiculous to herald in a heady Summer.

Water & fresh Nectar are served regularly “on sky” and “al la twig”, generously help yourself basis.

Fireflies adorn the trees, little lanterns moving to the sway of a hot breeze tickling through branches, lighting the way on moonless nights.

As Marula fruit is only available January to March Nature Celebrates Birthdays & Anniversaries during these roasting hot months under Marula Trees, mainly at night. Performances will be given by Elephants & Monkeys & nocturnal species. They Listen carefully in the middle of these nights for their que, whilst lying under the starlit skies watching for shooting stars to wish upon, and add a guttural Lion roars accompanied by Leopard rasps and Hyaena giggle.

Occasionally there will be a breathless sigh followed by a huge whopping laugh – that will be the cynical Mr Hippo. These animals do not socialise too much, they linger around, just happy to be left alone to swim, bob and enjoy the refreshing new water wearing their grey onesies, occasionally changing into bright pink ones.

Big brown hairy spiders scuttle around spreading rainy news whilst Burchell Coucals confirm the need to take cover as swarms of hungry Mosquitoes whine by buzzily, watching for a perfectly sized puddle to lay their eggs.

Warm hazy mornings drift into roasting lunchtime siestas and finally a breeze relieves the weary and takes hold of clear starry nights, interspersed with crashing storms. This is Summertime in Kruger National Park.

So US HUMANS also celebrate the onset of a new Season –


Southern hemesphere’iens

– arrange outdoor Braais / Bbq’s . Make plans to visit the magical ocean to let the sand creep into your costume bottoms & wind blow your umbrellas away whilst looking ever so cool wearing new “Sunnies”.

Dig out picnic baskets & book some tickets to sing along with a Music Show at a local Stadium or Botanical Garden.

Dust off those hiking boots and funky hats – get out there, under the trees, cross rivers, and reach new summits.

I DARE YOU to try something new and OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE in YOUR new season – Zip Line perhaps?


Northern Hemisphere’iens

Into Winter you are a-goin! – can you Snow Ski or Toboggan?

Have you stayed up at night watching the Northern Lights out of an Igloo you have travelled to …… ? Maybe this year its time to take an adventure that way.

Pull out those gloves & scarves, fluff up cozy jackets, invest in some good reading ….. better still, find brilliant Blogs to follow, stock up on soup n hot chocolate. Buy a new Journal & start making notes and dreaming dreams. Place canvases on easels, refresh those brushes & tubes of bright colours – experiment – find a new style or just enjoy the one you already love.


2019 has been a particularly challenging year for many. Let us pack away the bad sad memories, focus on the good and set about on healing new paths in this, your, new Season.