Can hands reveal your secrets? Yes they sure can – every line, scar and curve holds a unique story to unravel ……

One day I will guide you through palmy air, across the fingerprint earth, meander down rivers of lines or navigate fires blazing through your phalanges. Right now our world is experiencing a crazy mixture of these elements. The pendulum is swinging wildly from floods in Germany, China and India back to London tube where stations and hospitals are under water – eek! Terrifying fires are burning out of control in Greece, Italy, California and Siberia.
All the while I am blazing my way on a new journey with An Elephant in my Suitcase. Are you with me, or not? Are you changing direction too?

Who knew how difficult it could be to coerce half century old brain cells into absorbing new information? Having been a non attentive student in my youth, escaping to cuddle the goats and play in giant ficus trees on the farm instead, this challenge is familiar territory but also disappointing as this time the will is there. Do you experience the same? Is there a magic potion to help?


Instead of dreaming of elephant whispers, nightmares of headmasters using whips and sticks to instil discipline return to haunt. The junior school I attended employed an incredibly cruel vice Headmaster (I thought) and, thankfully, physical punishment has been abolished worldwide due to people like him. No amount of whipping can change how the brain functions – or I’d be the first to be using one to learn now, believe me! What character might he play in Harry Potter – Slytherin perhaps?


I’ve digressed, as always, down that rabbit warren to other related subjects. How click baited we have become on the internet hey.

Do you remember comparing your hands with friends’ hands at school, pondering over how long you will live, how many times (times, yes) you will marry and will you hatch a gaggle of children one day? We used to wile away hours, spinning yarns, at boarding school and imagining spending our romantic futures with ‘the love of our life at the time’ and fantasy-practice signatures. Seriously, why did our parents bring us up to think this would be the ultimate prize in life? Finally this old fashioned way of thinking has made way for fresh thinking, independence, pursuance of individual dreams and interests – coupling them compatibly with a loved one, instead of grinding the same old corn cob recipes.


Are you even aware that your gifts and most suitable career paths are written into the rivers flowing through your palms? Perhaps this is the new career guidance the world needs now? Indigo Children, Millennials and Rainbow Children might well embrace this new direction. Would you listen to someone imparting this interpretation of your life? Probably not, we never listen to what we are told do we! This is perhaps where that big whip is needed after all. See, my stories do actually wrap around, to form a full circle, if you are patient enough to read to the end.

Scientific hand reading is the journey of which I speak, instead of air tickets and a suitcase with an elephant, filled with clothing wrapped around a map , I have files of notes, photographs of finger patterns, a magnifying glass, special ink with roller and a baby torch to tote around – waiting to pounce on my next unsuspecting guinea pig.