Hello gearboxes.
Have you ever thought about our brains operating in a similar way to a locomotive gearbox? Cogs and wheels with interlocking teeth. Our brain machinery is made of and work by what means – genetics, upbringing, environment?

• Some engines work perfectly in certain ways but slightly uncoordinated in other ways, a few teeth missing here and there; because they were made badly or bits have broken off along the journey.
• Others are manufactured from stainless steel and set for life to function just as they are designed, forever. One has to wonder – does it all depend upon the parents, we often ask the question – Nurture or Nature? Genetics or learned behaviour ?….. and how we continue throughout life with patterns that need specific attention (be it thought processes, behavioural issues or eating disorders)?
• There are days new staff at the gearbox factory, put in charge of metallurgy, mess up the elements & compounds, thereby enabling rust to pop out here and there soon after production, leading to necessary lifelong clean-up techniques.
• Of course the alternative thinkers and more practical humans might develop a gearbox carved from trees. Unfortunately it can be quite hard to judge the life of the wood grain,therefore missing good and bad years of growth (soft, fine or hard grains), allowing for faults during manufacture. Guess what, another “different” gearbox brain enters the world..
• Lightweight and happy go lucky Aluminium ones can, unfortunately, be fragile, becoming misshapen easily with the slightest bump. These people engines could be the most plentiful and durable and keep their shine however simplistic or damaged.

Misunderstood positivity
Misunderstood positivity

Where is all this conversation leading you are asking?

Some of you are about to tune out right now, but wait – hang in there.
How would you feel if I offered you a prize? Might you want to win a trip to see the Northern Lights, herewith a chance to own a fancy new Porsche, win a week’s holiday nestling in a cosy beach cabin …. whilst Home Renovators redecorate your city dwelling? Oh, gosh – how weird – in the lucky packet I ALSO spot – “Win a normal life where your brain can function optimally as a perfectly made gearbox’.
Ta-daaaaa – I know, without hesitation, what I would choose. Nope, toss the car, holiday and home revamp – all the materialism potentially could come from a well made gear box – a functional brain that fits within the environment I find to suit my mechanical construct.

So, what is it many of us are afflicted with – naming names now – a.d.h.d, autism spectrum, naughtiness, a.d.d., attention seeking, laziness, lacking intelligence, dyslexia, low self esteem, performance anxiety, special needs … ? It is simple, the puzzle is missing one piece, so it looks as thought there is nearly a full picture, like those toy puzzles fixed into a square frame, but the imagination makes up the missing piece. However, to fully function in the real world that piece is actually necessary one way or another. It is possible to muddle along in the real world without that missing piece, but not without great struggles which can lead to failure in the end, addiction, over compensation by being the loud voice at a party or withdrawing from the world and hiding comfortably in isolation. But, in all seriousness, we actually need to accept our individuality and work with what we DO HAVE, somehow.

Develop your own style
Do your own thing, find your style

Have you discovered Ben Fogle’s TV Series where he meets people who have moved to inhospitable parts of the world after leaving the rat race behind yet? Why are we so fascinated by the way some people chose to live? Do we see ourselves in those humans perhaps? Might that be what we would choose if we had the courage, or means? Are we horrified they want to remove themselves from society and it’s rules – and luxuries perhaps? Do you think they miss out on social media, the city buzz, the vibe of pubs & restaurants, a high powered career, attending universities to gain degrees and the rush of betting on the stock exchange? Wouldn’t they want just one night to glam up in shimmering sequins dresses, hold a crystal cut glass filled with colourful alcohol with be jewelled false-nailed fingers, fluttering10cm long eyelashes, taking in the strobe lights all around and toss the dice at roulette tables bopping to the energising beat of Pop Rock?

By the way, we think he (Ben Fogle) has found his niche and doing well in it, and sharing himself openly and bravely with us – but there are still people out there who correct his English and criticise what he does (eg a member of the public has been irritated that his ‘to’ sounds like ‘ter’ and has offered elocution lessons – can you believe it! Thankfully this did not derailed him). We need to find our OWN space and HOLD that vision – no matter what works or doesn’t work for others (as long as it’s not sinister, of course).

Follow your dream
Make your own way

Ben discovers and interviews folk across the globe who find their way, their way, with their own rules, which they can make sense of , whilst drinking in nature, and nurture their souls without trying to conform to ‘man’s’ ways which are so difficult to manage. I’m not saying these beautiful people are wrong or unintelligent in any way by moving off ‘the highway’– they are the clever ones, who have found a path which suits them , instead of fighting with their souls against immoral people, stupid rules, struggling to survive in the worldly way, trying to find their perfect career match in a trampling world of dog eat dog.

Others, financially and goal motivated, career orientated, people-loving and people-needing – who have a differently designed gearbox / puzzle – reach for the sky with technology, management, fast cars and conquering beauty from cover girl magazines.

WHY ARE WE forced from pre school to fit into boxes, the worlds designed boxes? Some kids are square pegs and will never fit into round holes. Does that make them wrong…………. ?

Sadly it is not ‘each to their own’ in reality. Millions and millions of ‘misfits’ and ‘misunderstoods’ climb out of bed each morning wondering how to navigate the 24 hours ahead. Don’t ask about their goals for the next week, month or 3 years down the line – are you mad – the goal is to manage today , in the best way they know how, to get through school, fight the traffic, bring the kids up the best way possible, memorise that course, navigate caring for a sick person, make the kindest decisions for an elderly dependent, kick an addiction or earn a living. Yes, health and waking to another day is a gift but it’s is not that simple to unwrap is it.
What is your meat and what is your poison?

Sending you lots of love and happy navigating, Rozzie xxx

There is solace in the sound of the sea,

leaving in its wake an echo of an echo,

a dream of rediscovered self