Yup, it is not funny at all but humour brings a glimpse of light into the darkened corners of the earth this year of 2020. Across the globe, whatever our mother-tongue, we are feeling the isolation, anger, fear, financial devastation, frustration, suspicion of the Governments and power-that-be and so on and I thank God some people are able to see through it into the realm of jokes and laughter.

Sometimes I have laughed until I have cried. Bet you have too. At times I just swipe the messages away as though they are annoying flies. Over the past week, lying in bed with Covid and in quarantine, I have read or reread many saved stories. Now I wish I had kept them all for just this time – alas half already deleted sadly! Herewith a little collection for you ….



“Please be careful because people are going crazy from being locked down at home! I was just talking about this with the microwave and the toaster while drinking my coffee, and we all agreed that things are getting bad. I didn’t mention any of this to the washing machine because she puts a different spin on EVERYTHING!! Certainly couldn’t share with the fridge, cause he’s been acting cold and distant! In the end, the iron straightened me out! She said the situation isn’t all that pressing and all the wrinkles will soon get ironed out! The vacuum, however, was very unsympathetic … told me to just suck it up! But the fan was VERY optimistic and gave me hope that it will all blow over soon! The toilet looked a bit flushed but said nothing when I asked its opinion, but the front door said I was becoming unhinged and the doorknob told me to get a grip!! You can just about guess what the curtains told me: the told me to “pull myself together!”

We will survive!


Oh, and just typical, my washing machine has to breakdown on day 2 of my husbands’ covid quarantine – followed by my own covid and quarantine.



Herewith the WhatsApp roll in our area ….. iro our , once again, extended State of Emergency news received in South Africa at 5 pm Saturday 15th August :

“How does this impact us as a Community ?”

“Some of us are impacted, depending on the work we do, because of it. If you are not – good for you”

Julian made us laugh with the following comment… “A bit like a plane crash. Assume the position. Bend all the way forward, tuck your head down and kiss your ass goodbye”

Response…. thinking man icon “Thanks Julian!”

“To keep corrupting the funds from the IMF. Couple of billion”

Followed by a photo of our President with captions written all over it “You want Stage 2 Lockdown?” “Have some Stage 2 load-shedding instead”. (How true and if anything extra can make us take antidepressants or go insane it’s not having electricity at night!!!)


I wonder who has suffered the most during the Lockdowns and restriction of freedom …

Many scenarios….

THOSE FOLK WHO LIVE ALONE – there are some people who are quiet and like their own company, projects and time. For them this has been mostly a blessing if they have had time consuming careers and perhaps demanding friends.

The social butterflies living alone must be having a hard time and feeling emotionally challenged early on, those who live with a person 24/7 whom they normally only saw a few hours a day, forced together live in couples (ie those youngsters backpacking the world – adventurers and travellers