Don’t Cry for Me Mozambique

Don’t Cry for Me Mozambique

Don’t Cry for me Mozambique

As a child this song was always on my mind, I would sing it over and over as though it was mine. ( It was strange how special it always was to me then ….. and again recently)

When we were packing up our farm and home to leave our beautiful land after independence in Zimbabwe (at sweet 16 ) – I changed the words to “Don’t Cry for me Rhodesia”… and sang it over buckets of tears….

In the car, on my spiritual pilgrimage, driving back to and through Mozambique last month, 2019 , to revisit my wonderful childhood memories, the song returned – but with words for Mozambique.



” It was actually easy, though you’ll think it strange

When I try to explain how I feel

That I still needed your love after of these years

You wouldn’t recognize me

All you will see is a girl you once knew

Although I have aged  & the body not new

I was at sixes and sevens with you

I had to let it happen, I had to return

Couldn’t stay stuck in those memories

Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun

So I chose this year

Driving around,  eight hours to you

But nothing saddened  me at all

I never expected it to

Don’t cry for me Mozambique

The truth is I will always remember you

All through my wild days

My nomad existence

I kept my promise

But you can keep your distance

And as for fortune, and as for fame

They never welcomed me in

Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired

Everything is an illusion

I had to find my way back to my younger days

The answer was waiting all of that time

I loved you – and thank you for loving me too

Don’t cry for me Mozambique

My mission is complete

After much thought I  have nothing more to say

Except – thank you

For precious memories and I will hold dear

Don’t cry for me Mozambique

For my childhood memories

And adulthood adventure

But that part of Africa is over for me now”


So it is time to move on, with no more pilgrimages on the Bucket list for the time being.

To Mozambique (and Chongoene) I shall not return.

She is a true african experience – and one that I can quite happily do without nowdays, it hurts too much to see the places I once loved deteriorate and change.

Too much corruption, poverty, drug smuggling, horrific drivers, lack of regard for life and safety over-all.

Like all other African countries Mozambique has stunning nature and geographically has a lot to offer. This is a really special and beautiful continent.

However, slowly but surely the desire to put ourselves in danger, at the mercy of a uniform, fear of breaking down, fear of needing a good clean and safe hospital, hassling through Border Posts with bribers & illegal money-changers is just not necessary any more……………………

Until next time – au revoir xx

I am a child of Africa, born in beautiful Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and grew up on a beautiful Tobacco Farm. I've moved many many times and do not really know where I want to put my forever roots down. I have fun doing everyday things away from my home, trying to see the wonderment of life through the eyes of a child. A day out, weekend away, week away...... And months' travelling hold magical memories and events. These are what make me who I am - cautious, adventurous, fun loving & hungry to discover colours, countries, geography, cultures and experiences... and I'm normal too ... tiring travel makes me frowny too sometimes. .... With my lovely life partner (Chris), passport, medical kit, credit card I go..... wherever the wanderings take us..........

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