Fasten your Seat Belts

Fasten your Seat Belts

A terrifying landing – but all is well – because here I am to tell you about it and more…

Fasten your seat belts and travel with me .

Each day holds magic – if one opens ones eyes to how others live.

Not always necessary to board a plane, boat, drive far in a car…… just look.

Adding modes of travel with each adventure – however, not a microlight, parachute nor a submarine for me though.

On my Bucket List is a flight – drift – in a Hot Air Balloon.

Have you ever experienced a flight in one of these?

Yes…. where and when… and what was it like?

I am a child of Africa, born in beautiful Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and grew up on a beautiful Tobacco Farm. I've moved many many times and do not really know where I want to put my forever roots down. I have fun doing everyday things away from my home, trying to see the wonderment of life through the eyes of a child. A day out, weekend away, week away...... And months' travelling hold magical memories and events. These are what make me who I am - cautious, adventurous, fun loving & hungry to discover colours, countries, geography, cultures and experiences... and I'm normal too ... tiring travel makes me frowny too sometimes. .... With my lovely life partner (Chris), passport, medical kit, credit card I go..... wherever the wanderings take us..........

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