Cruelly tossed into a wild unknown ocean to endure unpredictable waters and weather, no horizon, nothing familiar and we’re all ill equipped for the wild events ahead. Every sense is on high alert and fear is coursing through our veins. Perhaps this is the only time in global history everyone is exposed to the same thing at the same time.
We will never know where it originated, by whom, for what reason or if powerful people saw an opportunity to steal and plunder from our livelihoods, freedom, mental health and normal life?
What we DO know is that society has been changed and we are each indelibly different to the person entering this treacherousness historical event. Perhaps we’ll learn to uncover and unleash our innate selves in the end?   Please play the link song before reading to the end …. .

Take a look at your life, how much has it changed? Years 2020 to mid 2022

My world has changed course in a deep financial and emotional way – I realise there is no new ‘normal’ and wonder about my past and how ‘normal’ it actually was. I, like so many of you, feel depleted and that tomorrow has been stolen.  HAS tomorrow been stolen?

Disorientated and numbed into obedience by ‘the powers that be’, we wait for the winds to catch our sails to take us to who knows where next.
At first we excitedly reunite with lost family and friends we’d been too busy to stay connected with over the years, cleared up misunderstandings, yet in the same moment driven apart within our own 4 walls by being forced into jail-like conditions for weeks and months. Schools in buildings with other children become parental and computer driven, whilst maths turn into baking, and screens became the new best pals. Kids start to speak with unrecognizable accents after hours of online learning and gaming to pass the lonely hours.

Squalls of rain hammer down on our sailboats, canoes and barges, whilst gale force winds batter our very essence and livelihood. Some sails rip and pull apart as families and couples growl their differences, whilst others transform their horizons proudly showing their bright colours reinventing social media, their careers and their futures.

Safe haven

Can we rest a bit please

Tidal currents push and pull with innovative trends and deckhands start new exercise regimes online, free courses set engine rooms of our minds on fire and people begin to turn from mute and terrified into new creatures opening up dormant neural pathways in our brains.

Smaller vulnerable boats spring leaks and crack apart as they submit to the curse, businesses dissolve into the abyss and jobs made redundant. Most lives and thoughts minimize and masts snap all around. With each new day powerful masters, up the food chain, proffer lifelines inflicting long lasting debts and despair. Whirlpools suddenly appear in the sea.
Vultures hover overhead announcing their presence on every thermal, circling menacingly, waiting patiently to pick off the bones of our souls as the weeks progress into months, turning into years.

Some wise ones batten down their hatches early in the storm, close every window and search for their authentic selves, knowing the time will come when their strength and mindfulness will be a fortress for the drifting bewildered flotsam and jetsam whose outside world’s old familiar is no more recognisable by the end of two thousand and twenty one.

Perhaps one day there will be a suitable name for the storm that came, instead of The Virus Gale, maybe it could be The Resetting Wind or The Found Wind? Maybe the Predictable Easterly, The Lying Northerly, Victimising Southerly or Lost Westerly winds.

What I am learning in this capsule of time after hovering through the solar system of terror, grief, loneliness, despair, confusion, abandonment and financial worry (together with almost everyone else on this planet) is that Emotional Intelligence is going to stand us in better stead and much more important right now than only Intellectual Intelligence, which we have been taught all our lives is the only intelligence to use in order to survive. Stuck in a groove of only the cleverest can shine, huge money is the world’s god, possessions and fame overwhelm love, kindness and inner peace. Have you noticed what I have, how friends are becoming strangers and strangers becoming our new tribe?

Have we run aground

Have we run aground or just resting

In helpless situations the way we choose to react can strengthen us. Being haughty and arrogant is no way forward, angry and lashing out takes us backward and all knowledge is important and needs to be assessed and looked at with open minds.

We can choose to be bitter victims, reacting from confusion, hurt and angst, blaming others or wishing for revenge. DO we know who to blame at this juncture anyway …..​?
Or we can choose to LET GO of being cross and connect to wisdom, grace and gentleness, scattering them like dandelion seeds.

Find those warming shards of sunlight filtering through parting clouds folks, and let’s walk towards the light into a future that has no longer been stolen – it won’t be if we discover the light.

I’d love to share Jack Kornfield’s calming voice and guidance which has been akin to a lighthouse to me.  Link below. He is a beautiful human being whose kindness and wisdom is deeper than the ocean. Let me know your thoughts.