An Elephant in my Suitcase

flying high


* I am a Storytelling Traveller & a Travelling Storyteller * A child of Africa, born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and I grew up on a beautiful Tobacco Farm. Having moved & lived in many places my heart does not really know where it want to put its forever roots down. Everyday things give much pleasure, at home with loved ones & away from my home trying to see the wonderment of life through naive eye . A day out, a weekend away, a week away -Months of travelling hold magical memories and events! These are what make me who I am – cautious, adventurous, fun-loving and hungry to discover colours, countries, geography, cultures, and experiences.

(school taught me very little… Must’ve been dreaming of the farm, mum & dad & my pets back home during classes… Oh, and thinking of fudge on sale at the tuck shop)

Sleepless Nights

Sleeping pets on a bed

After the lights go out when I am between the sheets with my husband, dogs & cats dreams whisper stories of where we have been, how we travelled and all the funny, disastrous, shareworthy stories along the way.

Don’t you wake up during the night with a tear in your eye, butterflies in your stomach, mind swirling with memories, ideas & plans of where you have been or want to go?

I hop out of bed, make a cuppa, pace the house and write about “what happened today”, “what could have happened if that plane had not turned back”, “I shudder when I remember the day our tyre popped and there were lions in the bushes nearby……… what could have happened”, “my dismay discovering I had sat in chocolate on the bus – did people think I had the runs…. oh my?!”

My photos are simple, as am I, and

only carry the minimum – gone are those days of a flippin Elephant in our Suitcases!!!! So a weeny instamatic and smart phone capture the moments for me to share with you.  

Stacked Suitcases
Suitcase Memories

These old suitcases remind me of my exploring and travel adventures.

Kruger Emergency Info

  • 24-hour Malaria Hotline – 083 900 8424
  • Kruger Park Emergency Centre Number – (013) 735 0197 (24-Hour)
  • Medical Practitioner Skukuza – (013) 735 5638 (24-Hour)
  • Emergency Road Services for Vehicle Breakdown or Emergency Repairs – 0800 030 666 (Toll-Free)
  • Reptile Rescue (If you are staying outside Kruger in the Malelane / Komatipoort area) Juan de Beer – 060 665 5000

  • Park Gate Times
  • Entrance Gates Open:
  • Jan/Feb/Mar & Oct/Nov/Dec – 5.30 am.
  • April/May/June/July/Aug/Sept – 6.00 am.
  • Entrance Gates Close:
  • Jan/Feb & Nov/Dec – 18.30 pm.
  • Mar/April & Aug/Sept/Oct – 18.00 pm.
    May/June/July – 17.30 pm.
  • Camp Gate Times
  • Jan & Nov/ Dec – 4.30 am.
  • Feb/Mar & Oct – 5.30 am.
  • April/May/June/July/Aug/Sept – 6.00 am.

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