HSP, my Doggie and Me

2015 and time for another move to a house we are building and will move into, right on our doorstep, which is convenient for us and fabulous for the doggies. Let me introduce you to our children. Abby – she is my tall nervous brindle Bitza (a bit of this breed and a bit of that breed) who is a homebody but loves to explore with us. We are soul mates and she can read me like a book. Ploddy – a Bull Mastiff – he owns Chris, the kitchen, adventure, wheelbarrows, the staff and loves life. Last but not least, the little blonde baby who is a sun worshiper and makes our house a home – Scamper the kitty.

During breakfast one morning Chris breaks the news that we will be moving by month-end. Now, for an HSP that is too vague — and believe me, turned me into a confused nutcase. On a Monday the news was that Friday will be moving day…. Friday came and went…. oh no, not finished enough to move….. so let’s do next Friday. Right. Time to gather all my ducks, put them in a perfect row and set about the last boxes, cleaning, securing doors & drawers on pieces of furniture. Tape down handles. Remove mirrors from dressing tables. Cook and freeze a week’s worth of dog food for the first week in our new home. Yup – you guessed – Friday didn’t happen, did it!?

Abby and I would wander down to the river at the bottom of the property together in the cool of the day, through a quiet whispery forest. We’d stop by the new house she would live in soon & rummage around for lunch crumbs builders had thrown onto the ground. Her little legs were becoming frail and her body a little weary now at age 13. However, a walk she would not miss, ever! We chatted about how silly Ploddy was, galloping through the muddy marsh, chasing ducks into the water and swimming after them, charging at the wheelbarrow Robert was pushing & showering smelly water over displeased passers-by with gleeful abandon.

We moved, settled temporarily & began a new Chapter. A year later we celebrated my birthday at home on the verandah, a room with a view, with the babies. There was an overwhelming heaviness all evening and at bedtime, I suggested to Chris that I remain downstairs and sleep with Abs, Plods & Scamps on the couch. The night atmosphere felt almost thick, and the silence was audible. During the darkest hours my little Abby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, I opened the sliding door and released her into the universe. Wasn’t it a marvellous thing I listened to the 6th Sense nudging at my heart and spent the last hours by her side?

She must’ve known we were about to sell the house and move again, she was just too tired to cope and endure my insecurity, confused moving moodiness & boxes around the house. By the end of the month, the move had taken place. We left my precious soul mate to rest in peace in her forest near the stream.

I fell apart. Too much in a brief space of time. Vertigo kidnapped my head. Exhaustion filled every limb. My heart ached with grief and confusion took over every sense. The boxes emptied, curtains hung, meals made, and the days passed with me in a dark hole.

One afternoon Ploddy stood in front of me, and wriggled as close as he could get, staring me in the face. Engaging my eyes with blazing intensity. “Mommy, I am here for you; I have enough love for the whole universe, let me look after and love you”. I could feel a vibration coming off his body. An unforgettable feeling.

The next morning he nuzzled insistently at me to get out of bed early, I followed him into the back area of this ugly duckling house we had moved into. It was an awful house! Ploddy & I began a new project together that day. We dug holes, made a paved path, ate biscuits on the step when he returned from exciting rides in the truck with Chris. We all transformed the space into an afternoon haven for the 4 of us.

Ploddy talked to me, led me, shared just as much love with Chris – dividing his attention with fervour, and I absorbed every bit of strength he gave out. Aren’t we blessed that we have this incredible sense we can tap into?

In the late afternoon, he would bump Scampi off her shelf &herd her to our secret garden where we lay in the warming sun on the square of grass together whilst Chris read his newspaper. Our 4 legged boy snuggling alongside my body resting his heavy head on my shoulder whispering – “you see, everything will be okay now, we are here for you and this will become a happy, pretty home” – which it did.

We had 2 more years with Mr Ploddy, who sadly has gone now too, to gallop, run circles around and sleep with Abby. He told me a few weeks prior to him slipping away that he would be with us only a short while more, and we did the lying on the grass thing, cuddling, staring up into the universe above.

FOUR FEET by Rudyard Kipling

“I have done mostly what most men do,

And pushed it out of my mind;

But I can’t forget, if I wanted to,

Four-Feet trotting behind.

Day after day, the whole day through

Wherever my road inclined

Four-Feet said, “I am coming with you!”

And trotted along behind.

Now I must go by some other round,

Which I shall never find

Somewhere that does not carry the sound

Of Four-Feet trotting behind.”

Put away those tissues now folks and meet me for a cup of coffee at the dog park for “walkies”to CELEBRATE the lives of our special lost friends. We know they would hate to see us sad and would lick away the tears – and say “CUMMON MUM & DAD, LETS RUN AND PLAY, LETS SWIM AND LIVE – PLEASE DON’T BE SAD…… COME LETS RUN……..