Interpreting S.A

Interpreting S.A

When you visit South Africa you will be introduced to a whole new English Dictionary during the course of your every day activities. This is a “true story”.

Nope, it’s not another language…. Although we do have 11 official languages!

However the meanings of normal English words, that you would not be able to figure out without a little interpretation , will leave you dumbfounded.

So, without further adieu let me introduce you to our glorious country.

Wr call a bathing suit a “Kossie”.

A traffic light a “Robot”.

An elevator a “Lift”

A car hood a “Bonnet”

A car trunk is a “Boot”

What is a Pickup Truck?…. a “Bakkie”

A Barbeque a “Braai”

Employees dance and sing in front of the building to show how unhappy they are.

We get cold easily. Anything below 16 degrees Celsius is Arctic weather.

We know what Rooibos Tea is, even if we’ve never had any.

Our National Anthem in four languages and we have no idea what it means in any of them, but happily sing along

We know someone who knows someone who has met Nelson Mandela.

Go to braais regularly, where we eat boerewors and swim, sometimes simultaneously. We have to hire a Security Guard whenever we park our car.

We produce a R100 note instead of Driver’s Licence when stopped by a Traffic Officer. Monthly Shopping can be done on the Pavement !!!!!

Wr know a Taxi can move twice its certified number of people in one trip.

Many will travel 100’s of kilometres to see snow.

We seem to know the rules of Rugby better than any Referee!

More people vote in a local reality TV Show than in a Local Election.

People have the most wonderful Names: Christmas, Goodwill, Pretty, Wednesday, Blessing, Brilliant, Gift, Precious, Innocence, Given, Patience, Portion, Coronation, Memory.

“Now now” or “Just Now” can mean anything from a Minute to a Month.

Ooops, and we start every sentence with Yes/No or Ja/Nee.

We continue to wait after a traffic light has turned to green to make way for Taxis travelling in the opposite direction.

Travelling at 120 km/h, is the slowest vehicle on the freeway.

A bullet train is being introduced, but potholes can’t be fixed.

The last time we visited the Coast we paid more in speeding fines and Toll Fees than we did for the entire Holiday.

It’s crazy but we have to prove that you don’t need a Loan to get one.

Prisoners, Doctors and Nurses go on strike.

We don’t stop at red Robot just in case somebody hijacks your car after dark or in dodgy areas.

These are just a few idiosyncrasies you will come across……

Please share more if and when you figure them out….

       🇿🇦Viva africa 🇿🇦
I am a child of Africa, born in beautiful Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and grew up on a beautiful Tobacco Farm. I've moved many many times and do not really know where I want to put my forever roots down. I have fun doing everyday things away from my home, trying to see the wonderment of life through the eyes of a child. A day out, weekend away, week away...... And months' travelling hold magical memories and events. These are what make me who I am - cautious, adventurous, fun loving & hungry to discover colours, countries, geography, cultures and experiences... and I'm normal too ... tiring travel makes me frowny too sometimes. .... With my lovely life partner (Chris), passport, medical kit, credit card I go..... wherever the wanderings take us..........

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