Quiz – quizzy? Date – 20 September 2020

Favourites ……

I’d so LOVE TO HEAR YOURS – especially as I’m beginning to have a following and I’d like to get to know the fun side of you all now…


Nickname: Fishcake / Spider / Monkey
Dream Destination: Northern Lights (post Covid-19 – outdoors freedom)
Favorite City: Paris / Prague
Favorite Town: St Tropez
Favorite Country: New Zealand (or UK – Cornwall only tho)
Favorite Author : Bill Bryson (Comedy at the moment)
Favorite Cuisine: Salad + beetroot & broccoli sprouts with fried nuts & seeds
Favorite Movie: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels & a new South African documentary on Netflix about an Octopus (have u seen it??)
Favorite Quote: “It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”

Favourite Memory: My Childhood in Zimbabwe
Favourite Music: Like many genres (since Lockdown with Covid – I’m all over the place. Any recommendations?)
Best Friend: Scamper
Best Advice I’ve Ever Received: Turn your anger/temper into an asset (my Gran used to say this to me often – she’s up n heaven reminding me daily)
Life Goals: To be in a place/space where I am able to safely spend much time in Nature

Silly Questions often asked

Do you like blue cheese? What – you are kidding, right? Old Sox  
Coke or Pepsi? Coke + Lemon + Ice
Do you own a gun? Maybe I should – or should I?
What flavour of Kool-Aid? Does it come in Wine flavour??? 
Hot dogs? Vegan + artisan roll
Favourite TV show? ……………… GO FIGURE….. AMAZING RACE, then Survivor, House Hunters International  
Do you believe in ghosts? YES, READ MY BLOG 
What do you drink in the morning? Lemon & ginger steeped in hot water   Can you do a push-up? Not since recovering ? from Covid-19 
Favourite jewellery? None – too much going on with masks, sunglasses + long hair tied up. No jewellery for a while yet

Favourite hobby? All things TRAVEL / gardening / nature
Do you wear glasses? Sunnies
Favourite cartoon character? My husband – by default  (Basil Faulty)

Three things you did today?: Slept late, took myself for a long drive via the vegetable market and further & wrote my blog
Drinks you drink all the time? Probably Ginger Ale
Current worries? Finding MY purpose & direction
Do you believe in magic? Oh Yesssss

Favourite place to be? Hugging my specials (that is a place isn’t it – I always say “this is my favourite place), home or in nature (can’t decide)


How did you bring in the New Year? Crying silently in bed (missing nature since returning to the city from the bush)
Where would you like to visit? Greece & Northern lights – oh hec!!!!! EVERYWHERE
Favourite colour? It depends on what the item is but mainly Portuguese Blue
Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? This is hot Africa – cotton! But would like a Silk / Satin pillowcase (apparently anti ageing???)

Can you whistle? Oh yes this farmgirl can whistle – could call the sheep from miles away

Where are you now? Ha ha, at the computer, blogging
Where would you rather be now? Snuggling my cat on the bed or walking along the beach
Favourite food? Is chocolate food?
Least favourite chore? Dishes – I HATE dishes & cleaning toilets (strange sort of connection here haha) toilets (and the irony here is that my husband has opened a Cafe and in 5 weeks I have found myself helping out when I drop by – by washing dishes in the kitchen aaarg , oh what a good wife!)

What’s in your pockets? Tissue – tears for every occasion – even laughing causes eye waterfalls  
Last thing that made you laugh? My sister describing a bunny – don’t ask me to explain hee hee
Favourite animal? Hmmm, dont have favourites. But I suppose dogs and cats.  Wild animals – giraffe and elephant

What’s your most recent injury? A spider bite or was it an arrow through the heart?

How many TVs are in your house? One – who needs more???!
Worst pain ever? Heartache … oh, and kidney stones
Do you like to dance? YES! All types, any time. 
Are your parents still alive? My Daddy
Do you enjoy camping? Yes and no – I blow hot and cold over this subject. However – its a NO IN UK


How about sending me your Quiz or Quizzy answers, I’d love to hear them. Then I can share them back a year or two from now and you will notice huge changes and where you were “at” when you answered.