Windy Kruger National Wildlife Park

When one travels – the weather is most important. We Google and ask questions fellow travellers on other sites and blogs don’t we?

Next up is season, fall, dry, snow, greenery or very hot.

Thereafter we decide what we like and which month would be best suited to OUR OWN adventure IN THAT COUNTRY- and personality.

Isn’t this so!? Well, many many of my followers ask about Kruger Park- so I thought I was an authority on the subject, hahaha. Typical how things go – out of the blue, a day out turned peculiar.

You see, our thinking had been so laid back – we had all day whenever we wished for 9 months to visit nature and look for wild animals …… did it matter whether we entered Kruger National Park at 5am, 10am, 2pm – no not really.

During these months my partner in crime needed to return home to Durban – both times for a week ….. leaving me with a full tank of petrol, the dinky little Rossie Blue Bug 4 x 4 Toyota Rav (she is a sprightly 25 years old babe…. and game for adventuress – so mud and rough roads, grass and tree scratches, crumbs from crispy bread rolls and chocolate flakes all over the car seats – would be the order of the day. Fabulous!!

However, after being alone at home for a week and discovering the sheer beautify of sunrise (since we stopped officially working, 6am belonged under the duvet as far as we were concerned, not showering, driving, exploring the outdoors)

NIGHT BEFORE – discussion on the verandah, wineglass in hand, watching the moonlight – “Chirs I think we should go out tomorrow – very early before summer arrives and sunrise won’t be the same”.

“Mmmm, if you can get up early, I will (oops, I’m a bad getter-upper so he thinks he has won the bet to leave home at 10 am again).

Before bed, I had the picnic prepared (just in case the duvet encouraged me to remain under the warmth and snuggled the next morning ) – lettuce salad, mayonnaise potatoes, baby Italian tomatoes, fresh bread rolls, cheese, lays salted potato crisps, frozen water with lemon slices in our own special bottles, dried fruit.

MOST beverage – BUSH COFFEE READY – condensed milk and strong instant coffee. WOOO HOO, WE WERE GOING TO WATCH THE SUN RISE IN KRUGER.

The joke of it is that we were up at 5am to visit the wild animals early in the morning for a change ….. With much persuasion (I had to pull Chris off the bed by his feet to wake him up and feed him a strong cuppa coffee ).

Our windy day out, which was delightful, but not what we had anticipated! It was supposed to be a hot month, with little rainfall and wind.

AS YOU SEE….. the sun never climbed out of bed herself… She stayed sleeping under a blanket of clouds, peeping out to see if she was missing out on the land below.

Visited the big rock, Skukuza Golf Club, Skukuza Nursery, Lake Panic Bird Hide, Nkuhlu Picnic Site and returned home via Croc Bridge … It turned out to be exciting, addictive, but 10 hours’ driving.


Slept most of Wednesday and we both felt rather ill.

Oh dear, age creeping up our do we need to just calm down!?