A Leap of Leopard

A Leap of Leopard & more

Remember a while back I wrote a brief story introducing you to whimsical travel words.  The ones selected were to open your eyes to words most of us don’t even know to exist

There are many more – oh how I love the English language – thrown together with Japanese, French, Norwegian and others.

Just for some fun here are collective nouns – many oldies we are familiar with or forgotten and a few new discoveries I want to share ……

Dazzle of Zebra – stupendously exceptional description isn’t it

OBSTINACY OF BUFFALO – they do hang around with that menacing stance

Skulk of Jackal

ROMP OF OTTER –  I feel it should be a splash or ripple, perhaps

Shrewdness of Monkeys – They are also referred to as a TROUPE OF Monkey.  Aren’t they just that!  Rascals.  Raiding food tables sneakily and creeping into our houses at opportune moments when one’s back is turned



Fling of Oxpecker – How cool – they do seem to have a fling all over the wild animals they are de-ticking and pecking at


Murder Of Crow – They seem to hang around sadistically


On the note of Crash – have you ever heard 2 Elephant fighting?  One trip to a wild game park we were sauntering along a dirt road, in the heat of the day with our windows down.  Suddenly there was a thunderous sound which boomed into the car.  Around the bend we happened upon these fighting raging Elephant.  They ran at each other full throttle, bashing their heads together, sometimes just missing the tusks of their opponent.  We witnessed this rare sighting for half an hour until one of them turned, shook his duty head and swinging trunk and marched of

Take this one…. A CHORUS OF Frog …. And I visualize shoes in the garden!


And my other favourite – LEAP OF LEOPARD

The power courses through their strong lithe bodies sending a ripple of muscle down their body as they leap… even with a buck in its mouth the move is effortless

Float of Crocodile


QUIVER OF COBRA –  If I came upon plural Cobra, I’d be quivering indeed!

Raft –  Yessss, nailed it.  How apt (as is a float of crocodile)

IMPLAUSIBILITY –  Gnu are another name for Wildebeest. They look like a group of older men handing around waiting for one of the clan to bring the picnic basket. No hurry, no worry… Just hovering.

How are you doing, I hope you are enjoying these as much as I did when I found them?

Rank of Impala

CLAN OF –  They really are a creepy creature, hovering & loping around dead carcasses and ganging up on the bigger feeding predators on their catch of the day – in a clan

Pride of Lion –  Aren’t they glorious when together in numbers!   Tan coats, flickering ears, preening one another or lying closely together, touching.  Pacing along the road – ignoring everyone – oh so proud ……. Yet menacing (towards the end of our time in Kruger National Park the thrill of spotting predators had faded as they are terrifying,  hunting live animals and keeping all more vulnerable placid animals, and babies,  in a space of terror their entire lives)


TOWER OF –  walking together they are called a JOURNEY OF Giraffe. It should be a sway of giraffe – next time watch how they move through, across ond over the river beds swaying. It’s quite mesmerizing.

Gaggle oh Geese  –  On your roof at 5am on a Sunday summer morning sleep in. Unpopular!!!!

Last but not least on my list today is :-

UNKINDNESS OF RAVEN  –  What a nasty description 

 If I come back to earth after this life – please may I not be a Raven, Crow or Hyaena


Cheers for now. Soon I will continue my blogging with another ghost story about Ships which have played a small part of my life (and that of Mozambique & South African Ocean near where I live – 3 to be more specific