The ancient art of Palmistry – stories written about you, by you, for you

No doubt you’ve looked at your hands often, and and are can’t resist a peep right now, and wondered about their unique work of art. The lines bop and jive, curve in one spot and are perfectly straight in another and in places feather into a birdbrain conversation of its own.

I think the gypsies somehow stumbled upon this science and travelled around dressed all bohemian & weird, setting up colourful caravans and mysterious tents at circuses, telling strangers personal facts nobody could “know” whilst gazing upon their hands.  These intriguing folks realised that everyone is fascinated by the unknown and human desire for instant gratification.  No not sex you silly thing!! 

Reading your story
Your story told

WE ARE GIFTED IN DIFFERENT WAYS – none are right or wrong

Academics view it as a pseudoscience – well, they are welcome to think what they want for sure.  Many of us are not blessed with supersonic brains but are gifted in other ways and have walked a different walk, interpreting life very differently.  Nobody is right or, for that matter, wrong – are they

Our personalities are written into our fingerprints, skin type, nails, moons within their nails – our very own narrative is engraved into creases all over our appendages at the end of our left and right arms.  One hand will have your character written all over it and the other (the dominant hand you use most to function with) reads like the daily mail and people magazine published by you, today – this week – this month – this season in life.

If you have any doubts about the story written into your hands – go and ask the police :o.


Of course, I am unqualified to tell you in-depth or able to read your palm but it has always fascinated me and I’ve dipped into books for – well – 30 years.

Thank you internet, for all weird & wonderful information provided – scary, exaggerated, sometimes slightly squiff and at times way off the mark.  We are all addicted to you, Mr ooogle Google!  Whether it be about stars, how to feed a new pet, what age Jesus was when He healed the sick, do I have leprosy  and how about whether it is going to rain tomorrow (and everything else thanks to ‘click baiting’).

I strongly disagree with Wikipedia, which of course is written by academics mostly I suppose, that it is the practice of fortune- telling

Who would guess there are so many nouns used for palm and hand reading eg CHIROLOGY & CHIROMANCY


The fortune-telling aspect is the intuition of the hand reader.  I am an intuitive empath and can feel an atmosphere upon walking into a room (even when I receive a whatsapp often-times), know unseen things are going on when my heart is uneasy, have dreams, and vibrations around me can be buzzing. Never have I been able to tune into spirits (and not keen either) nor tell the future per se but the intuition is never wrong, never yet that is!

In many ways we are leaning into HSP territory, Highly Sensitive Person and being an Empath.  Refer my blog post during lockdown about HSP

Interpreting what “the lines” tell about a person will be studied and researched for decades ahead. It is still in the process of discovery. As they find fingerprints that are seldom seen, the person with the unusual print is questioned by many hand readers. The hand owner is asked how they react to situations, food, stress, animal interaction, marriage, conflict, weather, life experiences and any other question the researcher can think of. The newly discovered information needs to be catalogued and stored for future generations to learn & share


How do I know the latter – a strange fingerprint of mine was discovered and next week I will learn more. It is amazing that a specific fingerprint can be distinguished by a person with a magnifying glass, because the bank clearances have become a headache as their device cannot read my prints. Staff refuse to open a new bank account for me and management is always cautious. To renew a card with FICA (that security info required eg utility bill with current residential address on etc) is a nightmare. Not joking!

Moving on to the conversations children have during lunches eaten on school fields about marriage lines & life lines. What is the Life Line across the middle of your hands – no it’s not how long you are going to live! It is your joie de vivre, how you experience life, your stamina & vitality to name a few. The marriage line might not necessarily mean ring on finger but lifelong committed friendships and extra special relationships


How blessed are you? Do you hope to win the Lottery? Well the M you might find in your non-dominant hand, when 3 lines intersect, signifies luck, good fortune, gut feel for what is a good decision eg taking a different route to work today – when you arrive at your destination you learn there has been a road closure due to an accident or sinkhole or something significant on your routine route. Apparently, people who associate closely with you can often also be “lucky”, particularly if it is in both hands (if I understand it correctly).

Clairsentience pops up here, do you “know” when someone is going to phone you? Tring ring tring, Ah ha, I was thinking of you – telepathy.

It is not really luck, it is because the person is tuned in to eg slight traffic buildup, listening to the radio and HEARING, being tuned in to life eg you noticed the small crack in the road yesterday had grown by 12cm, crowds loitering to the road with stones (building up to riot) and so on. Not rocket science for HSP’s.

Here is an unfamiliar word to tickle your fancy – Physiognomist – is a person supposedly able to judge character (or, formerly, to predict the future) from facial characteristics. This person studies the outer appearance of the person to glean knowledge of the subjects inner personality.

Are you aware that there are interpretations for fingernail types, skin type, hand size & shape and meanings for long or short fingers?


Just throwing a few titbits out to you for fun – what are :

1. clairaudience, 2. clairalience, 3. claircognizance and 4. clairgustance?

Clairaudience – the supposed faculty of perceiving, as if by hearing, what is inaudible

Clairalience – clear smelling and receiving messages through the ability to smell acutely. (I smell colours or more explicitly in colour – Synesthesia)

Claircognizance – gaining knowledge without knowing how or why he or she knew it. We have all experienced this sometime in our lives (perhaps déjà vu slots into this space)

Clairgustance – the ability to taste a substance without putting anything in one’s mouth. French-Latin Clair meaning “clear” and Latin gustus meaning “taste”


Au Revoir for now – smell, taste or hear you later – but you knew I was going to say that didn’t you 🙂