Lockdown O’clock 2020

Dear Diary “Coronovirus Journal”

ARE YOU TIRED OF SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWICE WHILST WASHING YOUR HANDS…… me too, so here are some suggestions instead :

For the kiddies – to sing as they wash their hands for 20 seconds :

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are


For us adults …….. Sing the chorus of Neil Diamonds’ classic ‘Sweet Caroline’

“Sweet Caroline

Good times never seemed so good

I’ve been inclined

To believe they never would

Oh, no, no”

While washing hands for 20 seconds sing it instead of Happy Birthday twice ……………….. it’s a SLOW CHORUS, don’t rush it okay!!!


So far, the positive moments have been the memes, videos & new songs that are doing their rounds. They keep our spirits up and deflect the negative spears aiming for our hearts and tears from our eyes momentarily as we ponder the tragedy, fear, future, and everything going on around us.

Aren’t they terrific! What has been your favourites?

This is Lockdown o’clock – a “trip down a long dark time capsule?”

Songs are being rewritten and will make history :

  • “The Kiffness” strikes again with the Covid-19 song version of Toto’s “Africa”. The South African band has a humorous music video telling us how to stay safe during this Coronavirus outbreak. It has been viewed more than 25 000 times on YouTube last time looked. The original is a worldwide favourite happy song.
  • Earlier in the Month, they adapted The Knack’s 1979 debut single, My Sharona – to My Corona which can only put a smile on your dial.
  • Another brilliant song “Coronavirus Rhapsody”, a comedic updated Queen hit for ‘Rona’ era. America’s comedian Dana Jay Beins’ “Bohemian Rhapsody” parody is helping music lovers keep their spirits up as they lie low during this terrible time.
  • How about the Bee Gees musical hit, so many of us enjoyed in another era, also adapted to suit the virus pandemic. Listening to the old times music somehow makes one feel like it was on another planet in a way more distant past than it really was doesn’t it.

A few nights in a row, stories have tumbled around and around in my head – humorous ones to cheer my readers dull days – but at sunup, I become distracted by the internet and news updates. Misery and desperation replace creativity. This is how most people’s days have become.

The biggest eye-opener is how each day changes and if a writer does not put pen to paper there and then – the thread is lost. The interest is lost. The humour robbed. The world lists and sways this way, then topples that, and spins all the way around again faster than the moon and sun sweep by our earth.


The following Whatsapp popped into my phone this morning and it is too lovely not to share, especially for those of you who have children & grandchildren to pass this on to :


“I wanted to share with you something that I will be doing during our 21 day lockdown. ….. Lockdown O’clock Time!

This is history in the making. Make a time capsule with your kids with items that were used or symbolized during the 21 day lockdown. Our kids can show their kids and their grandchildren to reminisce these difficult times we are facing.

Some of us have seen our grandparents’ memorabilia from WW2 and now it’s our turn to keep memorabilia for the next generation to share their story. ..

  1. Photos – take lots of pictures of memories spent together, activities you and your family did.
  2. Letters – permission letters allowing parents to be on the road for essential services, letters from the school re measures they put into place.
  3. Panic buying shopping slips -/ shopping lists – these prices will look cheap in years to come.
  4. Product packaging and memorabilia items – favourite treat wrappings, medicine boxes (like vitamin C that we are all taking and spent hours looking for), small hand sanitizer bottles etc.
  5. Daily schedules – what you implemented to keep your kids productive from day to day life at home.
  6. Money – current notes and coins we use today.
  7. Books – keep your favourite book, magazine, colouring in book etc that kept you entertained.
  8. Newspaper articles – commemorating this time in crisis, it could be about the lockdown or from the start of the pandemic.
  9. Journal – about the things that kept you busy and happy in the 21 days. (You must also record how you feel even if it is not happy – this is a big reality check!). This also allows you to look back in any years to see what a normal day in a worldwide crisis was like.




The sun is shining on my back today, in Durban – South Africa, the avos are dropping out of the tree in the garden (like frightening grenades), butterflies are pollinating the pretty late summer flowers whist at the same time caterpillars are chomping all my broccoli, lettuce and rocket plants in the veggie patch! ho hum :). Supper is planned – pizza with layers of garlic accompanied by Rozzi’s Cole Slaw to be eaten in front of the TV – Netflix

Rozzi’s Cole Slaw Recipe

White (green) Cabbage



Grated Cheese

Pineapple / Apple / Spring Onions – to be added individually as not everyone likes these

Packet Instant Noodles (choose your own flavour) – dip contents in hot water with packet of flavouring sprinkled over and drain quickly

…… Chop or grate all the vegetables and mix with noodles ……

Dressing – Only dress each portion. Do not mix into the whole salad as it becomes mushy (and cannot then be served for a few days)

Mix together Mayonnaise, Olive Oil, Squeeze Lemon, a dash of white Vinegar, plain Yoghurt, Garlic Clove squashed and popped into the dressing, a pinch of rosemary, thyme, cajun.

FINALLY ….. the best part is the “topping” (which must be stored in an airtight container – and can be used in green salads, sprinkled over cauliflower cheese, macaroni cheese etc). SESAME SEEDS, PUMPKIN SEEDS, SUNFLOWER SEEDS (and nuts if you might like to add – cashews are delicious…. but expensive!)

Lightly fry, QUICKLY & don’t burn, the seeds n nuts in Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar or Soya Sauce, herbs & spices (eg garlic flakes with spice for rice / spice for chicken / spice for fish)

What’s great about this recipe is that it is interesting, nourishing and can be served for a few days.

Have a healthy happy day ahead friends xxx

End of Dear Coronavirus Diary Day 3