Woo hoo, lockdown outing day

The shopping expedition begins like this for many of us ….. Ready to alight from parked vehicle – wearing sunglasses, donning fashionista face mask – suddenly groping the passenger seat like an oversexed teenage boy at a drive-in movie show, all steamed up looking for a handbag (or something)…

Are you sure you turned the iron off – when you left home

Whilst shopping for groceries last week a guard approached me in the isle requesting me to please wear my mask. “But I am, sir”. His expression turned into Satan on duty. Oops……. actually was still wearing my sunglasses instead!


How muddling having all this stuff going on. Masks, hair tied back, sunglasses, earrings unhooking, hand spraying and robotic “hello how are you?” x 3 assistants, 3 sprays (bless them) and a staple-gun thingy taking one’s temperature…… to get through the entrance of the store. Demarcated roadsigns on the tiled floors in shops – soon we will need to be taking an additional drivers’ license to leave home and successfully navigate coronavirus shopping. The guard and I ended up giggling hysterically once we both realised the confusion of mask vs sun


Tuesday, here in South Africa, is Pensioners Day in South. Many large grocery stores give pensioner shoppers good discounts and popular products at reduced prices. Shop owners erect gazebos in foyers with a large table set out underneath offering sandwiches, cakes, coffee and tea served by cheerful staff. Tuesday used to be an outing enjoyed by so many elderly who sat around together, catching up on news, munching away at the snacks and sipping warming tea.


March 2020 Coronavirus swooped in like a thief in the night upon these lonely folk who would dress up and look forward to a weekly outing. My heart hurts. Oh, how much my heart aches! I used to choke up, sensing the atmosphere, feeling the emotion of the tea gathering on a Tuesday, witnessing loneliness abandoned for a morning, – now I realise it is even sadder without the event. When I mention this to my friends they look blank and say they’d never even thought about it, let alone felt emotional. “Roz, you are too sensitive and must stop it, it’s not good for you, you know”.

Which one are you? One of my friends – or me?? Perhaps you will recognise, after reading this, that possibly your partner, sister, brother or friend is one of them. Approximately 10 percent of the world’s population has this personality type. As you might live with diabetes, high blood pressure, are myopic, have cataracts to name a few obvious physical conditions – ours is named Highly Sensitive People (HSP). The obvious diseases are acceptable in the world today as we can measure them – by blood testing, wearing monitors & measurements with instruments.

Unfortunately, brains are unseen and not easily measured, so usually the folk with unseen brain/personality issues are labelled as difficult, dysfunctional and downright annoying. Snap out of it.


In my dreams I imagine someone miraculously taking this away from me – if someone would just turn the volume of everything down, let me stop shivering and shaking because I’m overwhelmed by my senses, emotions of others, overthinking, overfeeding every stimulus and subtlety. Then replace it with the casual joyful uncomplicated feeling a dog has when he puts his head out of the window on a Sunday drive. Letting his lips flap, eyes stretch sideways and ears blow back wildly, drinking in the moment (the power of now living).


This is a small slice, no not lemon merengue pie – oh what I’d do for a slice of lemon meringue pie right now, why did you go and mention it?!

A smidgen about my whirlwind life, without coffee and with HSP.

Learn more about HSP, animals with HSP, together with a few links, one to take a test yourself ………………… see ya there 🙂

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