You are going to kill me – I know – I am still going to give you a song to trickle through your brain as you read these inspired pieces

“Laaast Christmas I gave you my heart . But the very next daaayy you gave it awaaay. Thiiiss year, to save me from tears I’ll give it to someone special” – Song by Wham.

Pop that midnight Champagne ……..

I did think of giving you a New Year sing-along – the Old Lank Zion song to whistle whilst reading this. However, without an internet connection I am unable to feed you a few more lines – so there you have my silly version! How is it that some songs one can listen to year after year and not know the words – suppose too much sparkling wine makes every ding dong sound double in a bubble. (Auld Lang Syne).


Hey, did you watch the ever famous ‘Dinner for One’ this year? It was initially released on 8 June 1963 in Germany and screened every 31st December (for most of my life I have watched it on Old Year’s Eve). This British comedy sketch (unpopular in it’s own country apparently) holds the Guinness World Record for most frequently aired TV programme. In fact, in 2018 the German Post Office unveiled a set of commemorative stamps featuring its characters. So enduring is this 18 minute movie that Netflix released a parody. WHO WOULD THINK?!

Well, this 2020 Christmas we didn’t have much chance of giving anyone our heart, thanks to the latest scares and infections. I thought I would be “over all the hype” but suddenly the TV News stations are on and we are watching Corona Virus 1st Phase all over again. Twice in one year, and a new strain nog-al! (a well loved and used Afrikaans expression which is hard to translate actually – as many of them are)

So, I asked Google, and they came up with other words that had me scurrying through the dictionary – who could imagine this tangent! Yes, it’s me talking – grasshopper brain – jumping here, then there and back again. The dictionary and thesaurus are much more fun than The (face) Book and The (insta) Gram. At school we used to look up words like fart and shit …. nowadays the words are way more advanced, thankfully !!! Just goes to show, we all keep learning

So today the most popular words in the world are :

Succotash, Twocked, Shocking, Polyithic, Statutory Meaning (definitions to follow)

Anyway – I really do digress, always actually, all thanks to a funny Afrikaans expression (Afrikaans is one of South Africa’s 11 official languages as a matter of interest)

Who knows Voetsek? (South African lingo) – this the word you scream out hysterically as a dog rushes to bite your ankles as you cycle past it’s house, or a bull tearing after you when you trespass across a strangers farm field …… probably ‘get lost’ are the closest words in English but get lost is a polite interpretation!


Here is a good Covid lesson – “As die hemel val is ons almal dood”. English interpretation “If heaven falls, we’re all dead”. MEANING: To complain less; let’s not always think about what could go wrong


NOW, STOP a moment, INHALE DEEPLY through your nose – EXHALE loudly out YOUR MOUTH

I came across this lovely soulful, grounding & beautiful poem to share with you in this fresh new year;

THE COSMIC DANCER …. by Brigit Anna McNeill – Author / Herbalist / Coach / Echo therapist

“Walking away towards who knows what.

I guess we never really know what’s coming,

What’s around the next corner.

Who knows what the next step, the next breath or the next choice will bring.

But I do know that I want to live my life,

I want to inhabit it with my heart singing freely.

And so I will keep peeping round those corners,

Walking away and walking towards, dying and birthing, laughing and crying.


I will keep my toes earthy and my hair messy.


I will swim in wild waters,

Lie in tall grasses and climb trees.

I will never stop being in awe of this natural earth.

I will fill my being with feeling; touching, sensing and aliveness;

Embracing and kissing life,

Until it’s juices run down my chin.


Yet I will be tender and kind to my soul,

Loving and soft with my body; because life brings the highest joys and the deepest griefs;

But still, I will let them engulf me in their ways;

Drinking in the medicine they bring.

I shall keep walking and dancing with life,

Learning and exploring.

For one day, all of this, will no longer be under my feet.


One more expression from the Afrikaans nation …. “Dis ‘n feit soos ‘n koei. English: “It’s a fact like a cow”. Meaning: It is a fact you can’t argue with

Twocked – Adjective. Slang British. Stealing a car. Based on Taking Without Owners Consent – purpose of joy-riding (my first impression was that it sounds like slang for something)

Succotash – Noun. An American dish of maize ad lima beans boiled together (first impression – something like a rude word for a badly fitting bikini or something like that)

Polylithic – Made of several stones; Geology containing several kinds of stone or rock; also figurative (opposed to monolithic (did sound sort of Aztic or Stonehenge’ish)

Shocking – adjective. Causing indignation or disgust; offensive (isn’t it interesting that this is one of the “most popular words in the world). Horrendous, dreadful, ghastly, frightful…….

Statutory Meaning. If something is statutory, it is related to or set by lows or statutes. If something is legal, it is allowed by the law, whereas if it is statutory, it is regulated by law. In the negative, this is easier to understand; if something is not legal, the law says you can’t do it

Before I say Au Revoir – A FEW TOP 10 BRITISH CHRISTMAS JOKES OF 2020

Why are Santa’s reindeer allowed to travel on Christmas Eve? Because they have herd immunity

Which Christmas film was 30 years ahead of its time? Home alone

Did you hear that production was down at Santa’s workshop? Many of his workers have had to elf isolate

……. couldn’t resist this silly one to end my blog post – Why was the turkey in the pop group? Because he was the only one with drumsticks!

Wishing you all had a safe Christmas. Many of us will now be forced to spend more alone time, as if it weren’t bad enough in March/April. It is worse for so many as we had hoped for family time – especially with those we have not seen and even met (additions to the families) . For whom prezzies had been bought, after hours of scrolling through the Internet shopping sites which have become 2nd nature already, & joyfully wrapped to be handed out in person. Faithful old friends have been forced to plan movie nights and wine o’clock Christmas Eve/Day and Old Years Eve on Zoom

SHALL WE PLAN plan for Christmas in July ………. It is healthy to plan a celebration ahead – just think about that one candle that the darkness of the whole world cannot block out

https:/ -I highly recommend you pop across to visit Brigit’s website to lift your soul and enjoy meandering down her beautiful uplifting poetic roads

Until our paths cross again, bye for now xxx