Lunar Madness

An interview with the Moon, he sings his tune.

He watches from above, not sure it’s with love.

This piece of land named “Kruger National Park”

In his sight whether light or dark.

Looking down through the hazy sky,

I cannot help but wonder why.

They move around making too much noise,

Why is it I wonder they make that choice.

The space I watch is the size of Wales,

and inside – there are many trails.

all makes & models on safari

From Sunset to Sunrise,

they look & look for yet another surprise.

Up here it is quiet, with not much life around,

Down there is teeming with wild sound.

Lions & Leopards, Elephant & Giraffe,

to care for – they need many staff.


In Winter the place is dry & brown,

this distressed land makes me frown.

In Summer it is joyful, green & lush

But the great heat creates a deathly hush.

The cars never stop going around & around,

How much petrol they use must empty the ground.


Click click here, flash flash there,

Silvery equipment goes every where.

When the Sun is tired & ready for bed,

For me, its time to show my golden thread.

I notice vehicles gather together in circles & squares,

Making fires & fellowshiping in groups & pairs.

What does the moon see here, sardines in a vehicle?
Ready to drive around and around on safari


When I am brand new,

Predators are few.

As I mature – animals creep out more,

7 500 square miles become alive to tour.

Lights flicker and twinkle on the tracks of the day,

Seeking out nocturnal creatures usually shying away.


My ears delight at the sounds of the night,

Sadly for many its time for fear & flight.

Growing, howling, whooping & sawing,

Lions, Night Jar birds, Owls & Leopards calling.

Hyaena Laugh whilst Jackals Sing,

This is mainly a Moon Shine thing.

Frightening at night
Always watching


As stealthy monsters creep,

I really want to weep.

Showing them the way to where gentle ones hide,

are tourists being driven by a Safari Guide.

When my round orb is very very bright,

Nimbus 2000’s come out in flight.


Swiftly swiftly – Harry Potter sweeps (& every wife) to the rescue,

mean wild predators – go to the BACK OF THE QUEUE!

So gentle little Impala & Rabbits,

live another day to pursue their habits.

I orbit the Earth,

Watching this Turf.


………And still, I do not understand,

THIS strange piece of land.

Kruger National Park …………………………………….,

oh, what a peculiar lark!

Driving around and around ….. in the light and dark !!!

Entertaining the Moon, I will see you all soon 🙂