Cheers to new beginnings and adventures I never anticipated. Now, let’s have a conversation about Elephants, shall we …………

Why on earth, do you ask, did I call this Blog “An Elephant in my Suitcase”? After naming the first attempt a stereotype “Nifty Fifties” or “Post Naughty 40’s” or whatever nonsense I’d sucked out of my thumb, it was time to become creative and take it up a notch. After munching a green cookie, pondering over a name and it’s niche, at the bottom of the garden one day pink elephants filled the sky, inspiration poured from every waving blade of grass, and even bird poop glowed – hey presto….. Elephants.

As I said, my first attempt was actually about life after 50, but it felt stereotyped and depressing when penned. (Look, I do follow other 50 something blogs and they are such fun – they explore every subject from empty nest syndrome, exciting career years before retirement, grandchildren where Nan is the new Gran, mature life-long marriages, fresh new romances, joining the SKI Club (Spend the Kids Inheritance), HRT, Botox, boob lifts ad infinitum).

Firstly, this blog was birthed in the Kruger National Park, where we lived the bush life surrounded by these glorious beasts who chased our car, shared their babies with us and filled the air with their trumpeting – how could I resist the calling.

The elephant in the room for me is the ‘HOW’, how the blazers do I decide upon a niche and name? This is all a game of hide and seek – blogging, social media, writing and creating. Niche – I even had to look it up in the dictionary to make sure I understood properly. I did, and I don’t. This labyrinth is akin to walking through a dense forest with a shot gun in hand (writing stories) and hope to one day strike a parrot (find my audience).

Could you stick to the same genre for years eg write about renovations, sell a specific product, be enthused by only your paintings or perhaps talk about a specific mental illness – think about it – could you???????????. Why would one WANT TO where there is so much to explore along the rivers of life.

Your direction can change so dramatically, as we can all attest to now thanks to the advent of the Corona Virus, so how on earth can one secure a specific reader forever. Personally, life has swung kinda like a pendulum and so does my writing. Sometimes amusing, to give you a breath of fresh air, at times downright depressing, but a space you can identify with. Sharing my memoirs and pieces of myself, I’ll take you down memory lane where I believe you’ll find yourself travelling on a parallel with me, tune into the story, then we can travel around the world blissfully in the moment (while we cook supper, sneak a peak during work time or take to bed and hope to dream about).

and UNPREDICTABLE – that is why I made that name up!

  • An Elephant in my Suitcase can reflect how many clothes I STUFF into my heavy suitcase,
  • It gives me licence to navigate “The Elephant in the Room” and treat you to visit endearing true stories like
  • “An Elephant in my Kitchen”(written by Elephant Whisperer Lawrence Anthony’s wife – Francoise Malby-Anthony),
  • We can talk about the days of “seeing Pink Elephants”, I know of many who have hung their leg out of the bed to stabilise themselves when the roller coaster of alcohol or drugs has taken hold of their minds
    Occasionally a drunk person is referred to as ‘an Elephant” – did you ever watch the old movie “The Gods must be Crazy”, wherein Elephant were drunk on Marula fruit?
    Sometimes life can be so overwhelming – whether we be 6 or 86 and we need to,
  • “Eat the Elephant in small bites” the get through situations, learn a subject, complete a mammoth task (subject getting a tad hairy here)
  • MOTHER-IN-LAW – oh yes, how about a “Memory like an Elephant”, mother-in-law and headmistress come to mind. Remember those booboos you made – “Oh ho much I love your Lasagne “Mom” (vomit – disgusting meal!. Liar liar, pants on fire) thank you for dinner. Every Christmas Eve for the lifetime of your marriage, you are fed the prized revolting concoction you pretended to like. Teleport to school, where you failed BODMATHS, Headmistress Mrs Hutchinson reminded you each new term, until you were expelled from planting balloons behind her back tyre to drive over.

  • “Baby Elephant in the Room” or “An Elephant in the Corner” – an obvious truth or fact, especially one regarded as embarrassing or undesirable, that is intentionally ignored or left un-addressed. The phrase is usually used when the issue at hand is relatively insignificant and does not constitute a full grown “Elephant in the Room”.
  • Did you know there is even an expression about “Seeing the Elephant”?. I will illustrate in a conversation – “I’ve seen the elephant back in-the-day, kid, so don’t talk to me about making sacrifices or having a hard life” and “I’ve never understood those people who go to college, get jobs, and get married in the same town where they grew up – surely they’d want to get out and see the elephant a bit”.
    Shit – can I still call it white? All it refers to is an expensive item that is troublesome or useless, often-times unwanted items are donated to charities for fund raising sales.
    Wondering where the White Elephant originated? The term comes from a story about a King of Siam, who was said to have given an albino Elephant, considered sacred, to a member of the court whom he disliked, knowing that taking care of the animal would exhaust the person’s fortune. Who’d have guessed that?
    🙂 The adventure of finding my way continues in the next post …