A year ago today – in year two thousand and twenty,
we were all sitting at home feeling pretty empty.

Covid lockdown hit like a tsunami ,
the Police were all out like an army. Our homes, once havens, became like prisons,
With everyone crammed together, out came our isms. Across the world adventurers and workers were stranded, all flights cancelled – the last plane out had landed.

When our minds became clear,
we all kicked into productive gear.
Home schooling, zooming, cleaning and raking,
sometimes maths’ tutoring turned into baking.
The crazy sci-fi news became our addiction, more like a movie,
however, some things around the world did turn groovy.
Rare birds moved back into town,
Dolphin’s swimming canals up and down.
Astonishing traits were revealed about human nature,
for example crowds crushing for toilet paper.

As time moved on and many things eased,
most of us were ever so pleased.
In the early morning,
while some of us were still yawning.
Enthusiastic locals discovered their own surrounds,
photos of streams, hills, sunrises and sunsets did their rounds.
Hilarious jokes of desperate smokers,
made people turn to hocus pocus.
No more were pineapples used in fruit salads,
new booze had people laughing and waltzing to familiar ballads.

Tempers flared, and nobody cared,
onto the beaches exercisers hared.
Dreams of travels and lifetime savings,
have all given way to chocolate cravings.
So many lives have been lost,
this terrible virus has come at immense cost.
Different groups have protested,
no matter who and where we are lives are invested.

Days blended into weeks, weeks into months,
I think many turned into nuns and monks.
The others who didn’t – brought forth new life,
naming the babies was causing some strife.
Covid-Leigh, Kah’Rona and Pandemica,
from Africa, Europe and America.
Sadly, many coughed, lost their taste and fell ill,
Still a long time we’ll wear masks at the till.
Astonishing things like aeroplane graveyards in the desert,
to luxury cruise liners sailing the ports with enormous effort.

Whilst jokes circulated daily on social media,
Children and adults spent hours reading Wikipedia.
The price of Brent Crude dropped to below zero,
and online shopping became the latest hero.
Careers dissolved and marriages crashed,
everything in life became tangled and mashed.
Most sports were cancelled and Olympics in Japan,
will be held in July, if they can.
Our pets were so happy to have us at home,
these days they wait in the house feeling alone.

Facts are facts and the life we once knew,
has had us depressed and all in a stew.
Slowly but surely, we are creeping out of our shells,
to discover new food, walk shopping malls and remember old smells.
Let us stop a moment and ponder the past year,
breathe, now look forward into the future, hopefully with less fear.
Hey big world, we have become one nation,
all hating and loving the new vaccination.
With conspiracy theories flying around about a plot,
we are small fry, and this is what we’ve got!
Time has passed and it is now 2021,
let’s virtually hold hands, cummon everyone.

As the saying goes – this too shall pass,
and if it doesn’t, yippee, we can all resort to grass.

That’s a wrap, a year squeezed into 588 words to take you through, in and out of the previous year, which will go down in history as another pandemic that had spread throughout the world, hurting families, crushing economies, entertaining bankers and changing the world as we knew it. 2019, 2020 and hopefully finishing in 2021. At least by now we know which way around our masks should be on our faces!