“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of it’s own unfolding “ – John O’Donohue

Continuing the journey of An Elephant in my Suitcase ….. she was birthed because I became ever fearful my mind would turn into an ornament from under-use. It was also an attempt to stay tuned into technology and how to work within the brains of it. Little did I know how mind boggling it would turn out to be. Over the past 20 years, since leaving the corporate environment, becoming Jack (Jill) of many trades and master of none has been a privilege I’ve appreciated. However, navigating the future of banking, IT, apps, social media etc without ‘waking up’ could be catastrophic should I suddenly end up alone.

Feeling fearful my brain was becoming stagnant I turned to blogging to charter into the world of technology, computer speak and social media platforms. Come, join me briefly on this amazing and interesting journey.

I have fumed, cried, added frown lines to my brow and many grey hairs appear each time a challenge creeps into the workings of it all. Youngsters have NO IDEA (do they!!!) that their common every day dictionary is gobildy-glook to us over somethings! Beta, meta. SOE, tags, keywords, wordpress, blogspot, Tumblr, VPS …..
Once on the road to fame and fortune I started to investigate ways I could make this blog earn its own monthly fees (which are minimal actually) and happened upon affiliates and more “stuff ” (so I’ve not mastered that river yet).

Then happen,days I just give up, seeking refuge pulling weeds in the garden or vote with my feet, walk away. Vowing never to complete this challenge, but I returned – and on about my 36th post by now.

Search Engine Options – SEO’s – have been fun and are fascinating – it’s where I discover ways to “put myself out there” for everyone to find, to be liked, shared, invited to advertise for others, thereby earning a living and final destination – followers.

Did you know – only 4 of home build boats make it to the ocean ….
Sobering stats – 90%! So, if anyone launches a new Blog today, 21st November 2021 it will not make Valentines Day next year. Hey writer wannabe – think hard before spending weeks on website design, registering domains and other costly computery things – are you REALLY going to persue this new interest you might have in blogging?

The biggest secret is – write, write, write. Let the other stuff fall into place in it’s own time. Let me tell you – capturing ones own thoughts is like being caught in the slipstream of a tornado. I think I’ve reinvented myself about 20 times in the tumultuous times (in my life and the entire shaken world) during the past 32 months. 32 months!!! Wow, working that out is so encouraging (says she patting herself on the back – high five). The website has been redesigned, tweaked (and twerked) and you might have noticed the array of writing styles en route.

If you embark on any creative adventure you will, must have, discovered the multi faceted personalities who reside in your aura. Moons ago mosaicing took my fancy. I had visions of spangly mirrors and huge gorgeous colourful garden pots, but ended up making pendants, creating the smallest ceramic daisies and minitature pictures which I then taught myself to seal with resin. The next, and last project, was decorating a supporting pillar in the lounge of our double story house. How’s that for eating the whole elephant in one go.

October 2020 was probably the darkest period in my personal life, mindset, blogging and health – (recovering from long Covid to add to my woes). My site was hacked, 5 best ever stories were kidnapped, ransom was demanded – it felt like the end of the road! My computer and cell phone were bombarded by porn and smutty dating sites and some days after that everything went down – computer and cell phones crashed. A year has passed, much has healed and I’m writing :), ever-reinventing.

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children” – Rainer Maria Rilke

My gratitude runs deep and I thank you for following the course of this journey

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