This story is about moving home, raindrop races, The Dreams & Wishes Train and  water leaks.

 Or is this realistically about Chinese Torture or Feng Shui ?!

Water water everywhere – from my eyes, the sky,  leaks around the cottage – through the roof, down the wall, through the cornice … running down the burglar bars , new tap connections, seeping through the wall / floor joins of our “new” bedroom (was the Kitchen/Dining nook)….. even Rosie-Blue-Bug Car.

So, to begin with  – I need to tell you that we have just moved ……  again.     And from the night we packed the trailer up, in Malelane near Kruger National Park,  and covered her with  plastic for protection – STORMS & LEAKS BEGAN!

Now, if you have not followed my life (hello, welcome to my world)  you have no idea yet what a “nomadic life” follows me – no, I don’t follow it…  or do I ???   Perhaps in my last life my wish list had GRASSHOPPER WANNABE” on it.

Maybe a gremlin scrawled it into the Big Book packaged into The Magic Red Suitcase on the sneak, at 11 minutes to 12 pm on submission night at Platform 9 & ¾ when everyone was concentrating on “The Pillar of Entrance” ?

 The Dreams & Wishes Train bound for the moon only departs when the moon is burnt umber, at its largest, 16 hours prior to an eclipse when twin Snow Leopards are born.  The Magic Red Suitcase is coaxed open on the moon  with petrified Dinosaur bones per kind favour of  the man-who-collects-sticks, whom  we can spot & greet (well, I greet him anyway – he never waves in return which is understandable –  he will drop his precious gatherings) every night should we look upon the  usual silvery white moon if we are patient enough to wait.

He then carries The Big Book of Dreams & Wishes with great care, bathed in energised glowing red light, to The University of Life Laboratories to be interpreted, lunar etched on  rice paper and distributed to gentle women riding brooms (vis a vis Housewives on Ladies Night) to be sprinkled between the stars, caught by tiny fairy bodies ready to grow wings.   Each and every sparkling rice paper note attaches to the new winglets which slowly drift to earth to find their waiting person when the time is just right..

You see why “they” say …. “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR” or be ‘SPECIFIC WHEN YOU WISH” – did  I want to move constantly…. From childhood?

There is so much good about changing scenery and homes but there are times when it does not feel so “right” or rather , my head is in one place ….. heart in another.


The big day had arrived, Moving Day, – with big tears.

I did not want to move away from Kruger National Park area so it was a sad day – a very sad day indeed. Chris, on the other hand, could not wait to return home to Durban – after 9 months away – on our Kruger Adventure.

From Mpumalanga – a 2 day road trip home which I have named “Bridal Veil Journey”….. the plastic covering the trailer disintegrated and tore apart (from first night’s storm) with each passing town– dangling, trailing and waving…. Slowly turning into flying moths. Kitty practised her opera – singing “here comes the bride”.

Chris and I tried to stay awake on day one with difficulty.  I actually fell asleep behind the wheel – which was terrifying –  can still hear the gravel crunching and feel the car bumping and skidding as Rosie-Blue-Bug veered off the road “looking for parking”!

We spent the night in Newcastle, a coal mining town we had bypassed on the freeway at least 15 times in our various trips North over the years. As usual we took the “scenic route” – always lose our way somehow – to the amusement of friends & some family!!!

We were actually gifted a lovely Garmin after taking Chris’ Aunt Uncle to Zimbabwe, Botswana & Kruger one year (story for another day – amazing couple in their early 80’s – camping for the first time in their lives)  due to our ventures in deserted farm roads, road construction detours and an extra town!!!!


After a comfortable & relaxing night for our little family of 3 at a little oasis, we departed on the last leg of our journey. Very historic and interesting places en route – many Battlegrounds (British vs Boers & Zulus vs Boers) – the scenery intrigues us – how did these soldiers coped with the terrain & many places lack of water. (and how stupid of the British to wear bright red coats…. In Africa…. So obvious and so hot) incredible.

Midday – new province – Kwa Zulu Natal – hello home-sweet-home …………….. woops ….. the heavens opened! The veil was in tatters – the last 100 km turned into plastic bubble snowflakes fleeing in all directions over cars, flying into the sky and across my windscreen occasionally – Chris took one look at it as he walked around to see the trailer and burst out laughing – had no idea what I had been witnessing.

We were both out of the cars when our gardener, Siyabonga, & his friend, Kombuso, came out from behind the gate beaming from ear to ear. They were waiting for us to arrive to assist in unloading our furniture as arranged. Hey, how did we survive without cell phones????? Siyabonga – “Welcome home Madam, so nice to have you back” … shook my hand…. and said they had missed me . That was quite a warming surprise.

The rain strengthened….

Inside were leaking taps, when fixed… they became leaking pipes … then becoming washers gone a.w.ol.  Quickly sorted – hey presto.  Yay.   

…. the rain continued


I paused this story here because…. A  leak in the ceiling needed tending to and – VISUALISE THIS :

There is a strange sound emanating from the lounge – impossible to work it out… a bath running… nope because there is no bath, perhaps a bucket full and pouring over…. Nope……………….. mmm, and  CERTAINLY NO superman in sight swooshing by making his magic!

Oh, look ….. it’s a PREGNANT KANGAROO lookalike whose waters have just broken!!!

Our curtains are all hung beautifully, a-la-rozzie,  on day 2, but way too long so  hooked onto the security bars attached to every window around the lounge for the time being  as our  beautiful tie-backs are packed in storage  – inaccessible due to the continual rains.  It looks like a badly draped Wedding Venue!

Rain has seeped through the roof, onto the beams where a “Race of the Drips” begins …… the Marathon route is enter from above (no sneaking under doors – that is another race!) …. to see who will reach the walls and finish line on the lounge floor first. 

There are hundreds of participants, because the race is free you see ….. we all know what an attraction “free” is always!. 

The fun part for the raindrops (torrents) – there is an Obstacle Race, arranged (by some silly prankster gremlin) –   called “ Pregnant Kangaroo”.  Route goes via the lounge curtains progresses from roof, pass nails, onto beams, forcefully ooze through  cornices, down the wall, leaping across onto burglar bars, slithering down them, filling the blockout lining, drops then are required to swim bravely through or over the patterned curtain, into the boots (Rozzie’s!!! Duh) below, negotiate sloe laces and brass holes (without going back into the shoe to begin submarining? ……….. finally reaching the freshly painted floors.   These competitors receive “Red Medals of Fury”.

Okay , so every towel we own is strewn throughout the cottage – barring 2  reserved to dry ourselves after a shower (in the bathroom – not outside).  Just by the way – outside ‘rain shower wettings’ dry yours truly off in the bedroom using  my  hairdryer!).  Rather ingenious.


There are other races for Junior League Droplets in the scullery.  The route  is to leap from tree above,  find holes in the corrugated outside roof, slither down nails like a pole dancer,  feed along the 3 different beams, depending which selection made in this maze – some participants end up bungee jumping straight onto the towels below (towels / piles of dirty washing / bed linen to quell the flow)  – simple for competitors.

However  the other  diversions, once entry into the house is gained,  free fall onto the countertop and basin (frighteningly navigating away from going down the drain – fatalities have been recorded), necessitating scaling over the lip and precipice below or through the dustbin cupboard (eew, and how they  complain about the smell! – what a cheek) or  finding a weeny hole between the silicone and counter, down the back of a dark cupboard ( which is quite frightening for them), then  a long trek along flat ground (the shelf) and finally ending on the floor – coming last.  The medals for  Droplets –  “Green Towel Bungee”, with a new one introduced being – “Yellow Duvet Bravery Award”  


Fortunately the sun peeped through the clouds yesterday morning (after approximately 10 days of fog, mist, downpours).  I awoke to screaming – Chris was beyond excited that he hadn’t forgotten to pack the sun when we left Malelane and would be in the dog box forever with me.

All the laundry was washed, sun dried and finally tumbled to crispy.  Bedding was changed and all was right on the home front.   Rosie-Blue-Bugs carpet has been pulled up (leak not ascertained yet) so there is progress  ******* at least for 24 hours …!.?

 You are asking about my headline – Chinese Torture or Feng Shui……………. big reveal soon


Chris and I sat down to chat about how unreasonable & stressed I have been, complaining and weeping from time to time, snapping and temper tantrums ………………….. say whaaat, unreasonable indeed!  He explained that this is what we had agreed to do, when we married,  together in order to afford our coddiwompling and travels.  Yes, there are big sacrifices for those  folk not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, never received inheritances – not to ever either,  and immigrants who started with nothing.  However, we have made it possible in other ways….. move move move.  

So the tears and misery leaked out into tissues and onto my good, hardworking & sensible mans’ shoulders …………… as the rains continued outdoors.

CHINESE TORTURE : Wikipedia explains it as :

Chinese water torture is a process in which water is slowly dripped onto the scalp, allegedly making the restrained victim insane.

This form of torture was first described under a different name by Hippolytus de Marsiliis in Italy in the 15th or 16th century.

This is ME WAITING for every raindrop athlete to make its way, dripping, trickling or bungee jumping to the finish line!

WATER FENG SHUI : : Various googlings explain :

Water running out around the home, through ceilings, windows, pipes mimic emotions running out of control with the person or people living in that home.

A recommendation is to investigate anything particular that has happened in a person’s life that may have caused emotional upheaval.   It can also relate to health issues (especially blood flow)

The classic cause & effect situation for this is grief.   People grieve over different things – the loss of a loved person, a pet, a relationship, a job….. and even a relocation.

It can also happen during a renovation – or intention to renovate which means upheaval where the house literally gives up its weaknesses all at once.

So if you’ve recently powered up your home living space with many good intentions (or found yourself in a grieving frame of mind) your house will literally give it up.

It is actually a good sign as leaks indicate that the negativity in your home is releasing.  Once they are fixed, your home will keep a much stronger hold on positive chi for a long time.

You could even discover that someone living in your “now” space had bad, sad or illness issues and that needs clearing.

So LEAKS – we gotcha!!!  WE foundya!  Soon everything will be cleaned, washed, painted and fixed……….. once the leaky sky has decided to stop. Isn’t that wonderful. 


Have you moved? 

How many times have you moved?

Have you moved countries, counties, provinces or only within your own Town/City?

Did you chase a career, the sun, follow a loved one, look for a more interesting place to live or did a Broomstick collect you during a midnight whirlwind, zoom you past the Dreams & Wishes Train…. To somewhere you never imagined

……… what about leaks?

How much I would LOVE to hear from you …………………..