Shopping for lunch – pain in the queue

I pop into the shops today to grab some lunch….

Mask on, glasses steaming up, sanitised cash in my 5 x sanitised hands – food begging me to “eat me now!”

In the queue in front of me was a grandpa battling with a little boy kicking up a fuss, behaving badly – really badly. Little kid already had his hands full of sweets but was performing for chips etc. Hanging over the trolley edge reaching out for things near the counter.

In a very controlled voice Grandpa said – “easy William, just a few minutes more and we’ll be out of here”

Another outburst – I hear grandpa saying – “just now buddy, won’t be long, we will be home – not long now”

As grandpa hand over the money to the cashier, the little trolley horror starts throwing stuff out – left and right. Grandpa says, in a soft calm voice – “William, William, just relax, don’t get upset – we’ll be home in 5 minutes” – “stay cool William”.

It was a tense wait to purchase my lunch to put it mildly.

Well, I couldn’t help myself, I followed him to the car where he unloaded his grandson and groceries into the vehicle. I told him that I know it’s none of my business but I just had to tell him how much I admired the way he handled the situation and himself regarding the grandsons outburst – and that his grandson, William, is so lucky to have such a cool grandpa like him.

To which he replied ……

“I’m William – this little bastard’s name is Kevin!”

Ha ha. Author unknown but thanks to the person who penned this nevertheless, was a good laugh