The Black Dog Recipe

Might the Secret Magic Recipe diminish the awful black dog? Even if it halves the size to a Great Dane dog who has taken up residence in my head- it would be better than the monster size one constantly shadowing my way.
In past posts I have shared the recipe for an Elephant Stew (tongue in cheek), an amazing cake and a coleslaw with a twist. Herewith, at the end of this post, another interesting recipe for you;


Some of you might be aware of this big black dog who visits, and takes over my life, from time to time – for those who aren’t aware – the journey is real and has been eating me up since returning from Kruger National Park. My heart is hurting and I just don’t know what to do about it. Some days are better and then others I nearly drown in the murky waters.
Because depression is a misunderstood affliction, people’s comments can be very off base and there are times I listen to them, amazed at their insensitivity and ignorance, and think to myself “he/she obviously has no idea what it is like living with this melancholia, aimlessly wandering through a bleak desert where not a tree nor blade of grass grows.”.

The strange thing is, that every single day there is something that pops out like a cartoon, and makes me laugh. Sometimes I share it with you and other days I cannot creep out of the black tunnel to summon the energy to work through the foggy brain mush.

MY ANGELS, family & friends

My beautiful sister and some precious friends have been patient, understanding and shone their torches through the dim light to guide my way. Not all at the same time, which is actually perfect – they seem to drift through the mist at just the right times. They also need their space and to preserve their own energy, especially during the Covid times, to stay in the sane department too, so I have huge respect and appreciate them for reaching out to me.


Recently Sandra has shared bottle of homemade something squishy in a preserve jar to eat. It was banned from the fridge by Chris because it is quite smelly, and spent its days hiding in the scullery and on toast when Chris is not home. I love it and could eat a whole bottle in one sitting. Tangy, vinegary and delicious, but I agree that the smell is not so cool. Here is why she has shared the magic potion;


The potion, Kimchi, supports gut health. This factor is overlooked when treating depression. Ps good gut health will also help the body cope with and fight Covid. Gut health plays a major role in one’s emotions, concentration and judgement… so much so that it has been nicknamed the “second brain”. Emotional stress, poor concentration, poor sleeping habits and general unhappiness are all factors which can very often be linked to bacterial imbalances in the digestive tract, and which can often be resolved through improving that balance.

THE ANTI AGEING CARD – Because Kimchi is a fermented food it boasts numerous probiotics. These healthy micro-organisms have suggested other health benefits too eg
* Regulating the immune system
* Promote weight loss
* Fight inflammation
* Slow the ageing process
* It is packed with nutrients like iron, foliate, vitamin B6, vitamin K, A, C. * * 10 different minerals and over 34 amino acids

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU – the recipe follows :

Yield : 5 x medium jars + 1 x small jar
1 x Large cabbage head, grated (1.4 kg)
3 x Huge carrots or equivalent 6 medium, grated
1 x Bunch spring onions, finely chopped including tops
1 ½ – 2 x Large green chilli’s, finely chopped
6 – 7 x Radishes, grated or paper thin slices
4 x Huge garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 x Thumb-length fresh ginger, peeled & grated
Total mass of all prepared ingredients together = 1.9 – +- 2.2 kg
Work in 2 ½ tablespoons organic Himalayan salt
Massage with hands to create a fine mush, in own brine (maybe 15 minutes)
Pack into sterilised jars to 1cm under rim. Loosely fit lids
Store in a tray (to catch juices) in a dark place 3-4 weeks

HAPPY CHOPPING FOLKS. Cheers to good family, friends, mental and physical health and well being.
Phew, this has been typed at top speed after days of procrastination and the sudden need to get it published before a few hours of load shedding (lights out to save the country electricity, oh good ole Africa!)

Miss South Africa promised to focus on mental health before she was crowned in 2020/21, she has kept her promise and opened an Instagram platform called Mindful Mondays, at 7pm weekly. She is not only beautiful but sensitive and strong too. Go girl 😊