Welcome to another wander through my world of words

It occurred to me that I should share some more interesting words with you when a friend, Richelle Ramella (hi Richelle and thank you for sharing your beautiful observation with us) posted a stunning photo of a cloud formation she saw when nature trailing this week.  In the sky-cotton-wool she noticed a dolphin.  I saw what she saw at once, and marvelled at the speed at which she had seen the shape!  Oddly enough a few of her friends could not see it and she had to point it out to them 

Indeed, one of my most popular blog posts was a story about travel words that most of us are not even aware exist in the English language.  Sadly, it was nicked off the internet and I was asked for R14 000 to retrieve it from the darned hacker.  Well, it was not that important was it! So he still has it!

I have been looking for a word for ‘fascination with words’ but have not been able to find one yet.  There MUST be one!  There is for nearly every other subject…….

Here are some more words to tickle your fancy:

  • If you were anything like me you wouldn’t have discovered most of these words at school because you suffered DIDASKALEINOPHOBIA.  Believe it or not that is the fear of going to school.  The teachers were quite horrible to me because I was not as good, quiet, pretty and studious as my lovely older sister, and I was constantly compared with her.  This is how I became so naughty
  • I believe this mouthful to be the longest “normal” (non-medical) word  – ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM. It is a 28 letter word which is defined as a 19th century British political movement that opposes proposals for the disestablishment of the Church of England

The longest isogram, is a word which uses every letter only once – SUBDERMATOGLYPHIC.  It means the underlying dermal matrix that determines the pattern formed by the whorls, arches and ridges of our fingerprints

A 30 letter medical word is PSEUDOPSEUDOHYPOPARATHYROIDISM. This is a thyroid disorder (I caught you – counting the letters ha ha!)

  • If you are suddenly anxious and fearful reading these long words, then you may have a Phobia of long words.  These symptoms of panic are described as HIPPOPOTOMONSTROSESQUIPPEDALIO phobia
  • PAREIDOLIA – is a more generalised term for seeing patterns in random objects.  Some common examples are seeing a likeness of a face in the clouds or an image of a man on the surface of the moon (P.S. there is a man on the moon -you can see him collecting sticks for a fire on any a bright night)
  • When I stare up through trees into the heavens I feel QUERENCIA – a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home, the place where one finds ones most authentic self.  Where do you experience QUERENCIA?
  • Of course, being a woman allows me to change my mind about this peaceful place and it’s a noun – METANOIA

So, the longest words comprised of either vowels or consonants to appear in the biggest dictionary are as follows :

  • CWTCH or WRWTH – the word with consonants is a Welsh word for a hiding place or a loving hug (yay, good for the Welsh to be so creative and don’t you feel a hiding place can be found in a loving hug)
  • EUOUAE – being the vowels word (not owls, silly, although to pronounce it makes my eyes kinda pop out and head turn back to front) –, this is a medieval musical term and technically a mnemonic
  • I hope you are not tired of trying to pronounce or understand all this nearly-useless information and needing to go to bed if you have CLINOPHOBIA – a hopeless situation when you have a fear of/or dislike of going to bed
  • Perhaps you are going through a bit of RAME learning these additions to your vocab – something that is both chaotic and joyful at the same time.  You can now colour your conversations with some of them and have complete ELEUTHEROMANIA – an intense and irresistible desire for freedom.  Just please don’t take your clothes off in the street!  
  • You might come across someone who looks at you with APODYOPSIS, so taking your clothes off for freedom will make no difference to him (its always a him doing this I’m sure!) – the act of mentally undressing someone (would we, Richelle….. be apadyopsis-ing someone – I think not!  But we might know someone who would)

You might have realised by this paragraph that I should be completing my story about the Horse, a Dog and a Man in the Desert, Episode 2 (which is nearly done – but then the rains here at home have not let up, my mind turned to squelchy mush – growing algae, moss and and so the ending has eluded me for now).

  • Therefore this story has come about and is referred to as BOONDOGGLE – which means to do work of little or no practical value merely to keep or look busy.  There we have it – the truth!
  • Back to the joy and pain, of completing a story.  The narration of a stormy desert, NUMINOUS – describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted – the powerful, personal feeling of being both overwhelmed and inspired
  • I am going to leave you now to find a cold drink (more procrastination, ha ha) before I experience ACOUSTICOPHOBIA – a fear of noise (which is in my head right now – shouting “finish it, finish it, finish it!”)
  • Oh fantastic a moment of SCINTILLA to depart from you with – a tiny, brilliant flash or spark; a small thing; barely a visible trace………… peeping through the clouds to warn us of a ginormous storm gathering over Namibia

Bye lovelies, see you in a while ………………. Oh gosh now we need groceries 😊 😲 ……