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Cursed Buildings of Mozambique?

The journey through Mozambique in 2019 raised many questions about abandoned buildings scattered like salt & pepper everywhere en route (an 8& half hour drive), Why would solidly built homes, shops, hotels & farmhouses stand empty for 40 years? Are they cursed? Do the original Portuguese who fled the country after the coup still own them? And if they do, why would this deal remain in tact after a coup and independence breaking ties with Portugal?Does someone have some answers for me?

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Coffee & Me & HSP, Chapter 1

In a world where life becomes a bit hairy because the volume has been turned too high, you smell smells acutely & things taste wierd. Too much is going on at one time …. in a rush and your mind turns to mush. Relax, have a look at yourself & laugh. It’s not that bad. Maybe you are a little different (and that is okay), or a family member is – or perhaps a friend. Time to understand HSP and no coffee.

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Self Discovery – a Journey

Step away from fear a moment and look at your inner soul. Find you! The real you -now who the world wants you to be or you have become to be acepted or find happiness temporarily. . Write it on the walls to keep focused – then don’t where you personally fit into the world and find inner peace. I rediscovered it in a wildlife park in Africa.

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