My Elephant and I popped into The Greenhouse Cafe this morning with our Suitcase popped into to see what’s “ON” that could perhaps be a special activity. There was… All to do with the number 21.

Someone had let the cat 🐈out the bag…. today is a date to remember.

Elephant asked me what a cat could be?
Now where do I begin… to describe to a city slicking, 🌍 globe trotting Pachyderm what a cat is?

Okay, the answer is as follows – this pretty furry creature is not unlike a miniature, unspotted, leopard. Quite solitary. Private. Always on the prowl. Even if he is just prowling for a gecko, butterfly or waving piece of grass to catch. Even when its eyes are closed, it knows exactly who is where, doing what and how. Mmmm, on second thoughts, no, actually a cat is more like a Lion in looks (Leo Panthera) but not as inclined to have the family gatherings to preen, sleep together, hunt for supper and shout around the jungle … a relies on it’s staff to do all these chores (artfully managed & manipulated to look adorable).

Question time at the Cafe it seems… She also, 🐘 Elephant, couldn’t understand what this all has to do with a bag, πŸ‘œ and the feline escaping from a bag? πŸ†πŸ¦πŸˆβ€¦

πŸŽ’ Why not a suitcase?

All too much for my day 5 headache addled brain to tumble through really. Thankfully someone is approaching her 🐘 marula juice & soda thirst quencher πŸ›€πŸΉ, so trumpeting and chasing around her watering hole has replaced all these awkward questions. Humph, I realise the need to keep my wits about me now that Elephant has reached the magic age of questioning everything.

Anyway, I digress…
Someone let the cat out the bag 😻that The Greenhouse Cafe bakes their our own stone ground sourbread loaves? πŸ˜‰

πŸ₯ͺ Delicious, with easy to slice shape and size in mind.

Today the aim was to reach 21 loaves, 21 buyers –

πŸ…To match the 21st DAY of the YEAR,
πŸ† in the 21st YEAR of the,
🏏 21st CENTURY
Can you believe this!?

Drop in on your way past exit 24, Kloof , Durban between 8am and 2pm daily (except Mondays) for your own special freshly baked loaf 🍞🍞🍞

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