My mind is turning around like a stuffed Christmas & Thanksgiving Turkey on a rotisserie. Filled with travels, adventures, wild animals, dreams and funny things – instead of bread crumbs, herbs, spices etc.

Gobble gobble …….

(talking Turkey – not really turkey – just a silly piece of information that could make you famous one day.   

 It is an old wives tale that if a Turkey looks up during a rain storm it will die – there is a story that says a turkey will stare, transfixed, looking up at the sky with its beak open during a rain storm and drown.  This is not true – however they can die from panic due to thunder and lightning.            

A Turkey can self fertilise themselves – but they will only then have male chicks with no feathers (never females)

To clear my head I make a delicious thermo cup of condensed milk coffee and a-walkies I go – where I meet up with a little scallywag doggie – a mix of Jack Russell and rabbit?!   What a delight to meet “someone” who is in love with anything and everything life brings.

She saw a lizard and ran after it towards a small dam where we are living for our coddiwompling year.

 It scuttled away at the speed of lightening.  However more exciting things appeared – two small leguans (they are sort-of a mix of lizard, dragon and crocodile – but harmless to humans…. And dogs… but can look a bit scary).

This little girl russell-rabbit leapt into the  water (freezing  – it is winter here in the southern hemisphere – July 7th)  and swam this way and that.  Finally she gave up and …. Yes you know what she did!! – decided I , too, needed a shower.   Aargh – why do they do that 😊

Suddenly OH MY WORD – I remember I am boiling eggs on the stove.  Running back home I meet Chris running out of the house!!!!!!!!!!   Eggs burst and there was an almighty smell.

You see, it was Turkey brain – I forgot how to time eggs – with all the exciting stories going around in the head space.   Just so you know – I am not on the same breeding programme as a Turkey😊

So my Aunt is first to hear of my disaster – she said to blame it on my husband – she always blamed hers .  Surely Chris heard them boiling away? 

In turn Auntie Sue had a CONDENSED MILK story to share – which was blamed on her husband.  She put a sealed tin of condensed milk into a saucepan filled with water to boil – for an hour –  which turns the milk into a delicious thick caramel.  Guess what happened – the kitchen ceiling was painted a caramel colour with a dripping technique.  This technique has not taken the world by storm – but I do imagine many people have attempted it by default 😊.

At boarding school, as juniors, we would sneak into the seniors’ common room  after curfew and pop a sealed tin of condensed milk (which was being  hidden for a forbidden midnight feast) into the prefects’  kettle.  Supposedly to boil for an hour…………. Oh dear, an hour is a long time to wait in the dark for  13 year olds and we fell asleep.  Boom!!!

And……………. When my husband and I camped around Africa for 6 months (many moons ago) we were desperate for chocolates and sweets.  There were no shops close-by – however there was a tin of condensed milk.  We put it on a log almost into the flames of our night fire.  After a while it began whistling and rumbling – so we ran away. (Imagine being sprayed with boiling caramel – ouch).  The fire consumed most our caramel, the remains were scrumptious.

The first item on our Camping Shopping list is always CONDENSED MILK.  Nothing beats a steaming cuppa sweetened coffee at sunrise,surrounded by nature.

However, it has proven to be a disaster on too many occasions.

We conscientiously pack it snugly into the bottom of the Fridge/Cold Box but the gremlins find their way in there too and turn it upside down always!!

We parked our campervan at Twee Rivieren Campsite, Kalahari Transfronteir Park, South Africa.  The day had been very long and  we were weary.  So happy to setup camp, shower off the dust of the day , pour a glass of wine and begin to prepare supper & make a fire.    AAAARRRGGH!  The condensed milk was literally everywhere.  From top to bottom, in the lettuce leaves, over the cold drinks, the fruit – oh my.  Big cleanup.

A few weeks later it was action replay.  So we patiently emptied out the Freezer to wash everything down.  There were no counter tops at this camping spot so we propped the contents up on rocks and in trees.  And even IN THE TREE BRANCH the tin of condensed milk tipped over dripping over the fruit & veg below.

There were only two weeny holes to drip out of.  A monkey popped by, grabbed the tin and scampered off to feast upon the delights.  It was so funny watching him hold it upside down to run out the one hole whilst the white gold made spiderwebs of gooey mess around his pesky little face.

No, we have not learnt any lessons – the first item on the camping list is still…. Yup, Condensed Milk.

About the Kalahari Transfrontier Park …………….. which we would not visit again because there was no appeal for us, but it is a favourite of many people we know. 

It is a vast wildlife preserve in the Kalahari Desert region of South Africa & Botswana, bordering Namibia.  It is characterised by red sand dunes and very dry rivers (which flood about once in 100 years).  The dust and parched rivers make us feel desperate, so for us it is not a “feel good” Park.   In winter it is very dry. From November to April it is hot and wet (shoes must be worn at all times during summer evenings due to the presence of scorpions)

Wildlife includes migrating herds of wildebeest & Springbok plus predators.  The predators are mainly raptors & black-maned Lions.

Temperatures vary greatly from -11 degrees C on cold winter nights to 42 degrees C in the shade on summer days (when the ground surface temperature reaches a sizzling 70 degrees C !!!)

As a matter of interest – our favourite Game Park has always been Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe (despite its gross overpopulation of Elephants) but do not anticipate ever visiting again – our thoughts are that  no rehabilitation (the country in particular) will take place in our lifetimes.

So from my place of talking turkey, to sticky situations and a very wild life – I bid you au revoir – until next time.