Wouldn’t it be just too gorgeous if on waking up each day, instead of feeling ignored, neglected, forgotten and alone, drenched with life’s cold heavy burdens, we felt like a radiant morning flower – knowing that the Sun will always find us wherever we are (whether trapped, lost or hidden) and lavish its love and warmth upon us and make us feel and look beautiful again?

Wouldn’t it be just too grand if we knew that we are indeed Flowers of Life, each one of us is invested with Life’s very precious essence and each one of us is lovingly made in a unique way that portrays and celebrates our inviolable individuality?

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know for sure that the Great Spirit would very much love to mend us and restore us to our innate wholesome, pure and sound innate-selves and draw us to Herself like a sweet smelling bouquet
– to confide in,
– to admire,
– to smile with,
– to dote upon and
– to draw us into Herself to be her special and happy fragrance for the day?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to know with certainty that the Sun of Life is even now searching for us – to find us and love us unconditionally because we are too beautiful to ignore?

We are a better people and we can find our better selves if we look into the Symmetry of Beauty within us and also look abroad with loving eyes and see beauty everywhere. And find words of healing and caring and loving for others. And seek to mend our differences.

So let’s speak life and healing today. Let’s seek love for its own sake and clothe ourselves in her splendid garment of compassion and care. It is not the time to waver and doubt that we are indeed Her precious flowers.

It’s a wonderful Wednesday morning. It’s good to know we are part of a Beautiful Whole. Our troubles, and problems only serve to contrast and accentuate our desire to find our Source and bask in Her Power of Good.

Know therefore that Today

You are not alone, and you cant be alone
We are not alone and we cant just be alone.

Copyright Ralph Sibande